Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test Times And Dates – How To Register For The Switch Sports Online Beta

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Nintendo Switch Sports I’m taking home Wii Sports Switch brand At the end of April 2022However, before launching properly, Nintendo will run an online play test of the game over the weekend to test its online network capacity, evaluate various technical aspects, and online multiplayer prior to the global release of the game. Eliminates the twist of.

If you have an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, or if you have a trial subscription, you can register to join this multiplayer beta later today (or early tomorrow morning in Europe).

This guide contains all currently available dates, times, and information on how to sign up and participate in the Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test.

Date and time of Nintendo Switch Sports online playtest

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When is the online play test?

The Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test runs for 3 days (2 days in some regions). From Friday, February 18th When Finish Sunday, February 20..

There are a total of 5 global test sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. Below is the date and time of each online playtest session and the corresponding time zone information (24-hour clock).

Note that in two cases, European time occurs very early in the morning after midnight (marked below).

February 18

  • 19: 00-19: 45 PST / 22: 00-22: 45 EST / 03: 00-03: 45 GMT (February 19th) / 04: 00-04: 45 CET (February 19th)

February 19

  • 03: 00-03: 45 PST / 06: 00-06: 45 EST / 11: 00-11: 45 GMT / 12: 00-12: 45 CET
  • 11: 00-11: 45 PST / 14: 00-14: 45 EST / 19: 00-19: 45 GMT / 20: 00.20: 45 CET
  • 19: 00-19: 45 PST / 22: 00-22: 45 EST / 03: 00-03: 45 GMT (February 20th) / 04: 00-04: 45 CET (February 20th)

February 20

  • 03: 00-03: 45 PST / 06: 00-06: 45 EST / 11: 00-11: 45 GMT / 12: 00-12: 45 CET

Which sports are included in the online play test?

Online matches against random players are available in the following three sports of the game:

  • tennis
  • Bowling
  • Samurai (sword fight)

Note that this is a “test” of the online service, so interruptions are expected, especially in previous sessions.

How do I sign up for the Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test?

Registration will begin on February 15th in North America at the following time (theoretically, it will begin in Europe, but has not yet been confirmed).

  • Pacific Standard Time 5 pm / Eastern Standard Time 8 pm / Greenwich Standard Time 1 am (February 16th) / 2:00 am CET (February 16th)

The exact method of signing up isn’t clear at the time of writing, but you’ll need to register for a Nintendo Account via the link in the Nintendo Switch Online application on the Switch Console.

Registration is only available to players with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, including anyone currently using the service on a free trial.

Nintendo states that “registration is restricted,” so if you want to see the game early before the April release, sign up early instead of later.

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When will Nintendo Switch Sports be released?

The full game will be available on April 29th. For more information, please see the pre-order page below.

Let us know in the comments below whether you want to sign up for the Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test.

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