Nintendo Hypes Pokémon Scarlet And Violet’s Rich Open World As An “Evolutionary” Step In The Series

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Scarlet
Image: Pokemon

The 9th generation of Pokemon will be available on Nintendo Switch later this year. With only a few changes here and there, it’s not the same, and a significant jump in the series has already been promised compared to previous mainline entries.

Nintendo boarded a hype train via social media-reference Pokemon Scarlet and Violet As an “evolutionary” step in the Pokemon series, thanks to a “rich open world” filled with towns and cities that seem to blend into the wilderness. Apparently there are no borders.

This new open world design (following the footsteps of Pokemon Legends: featuring the Arceus-Open World Zone) was previously Official game site for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.. It repeats how players are thrown into an open world adventure like never before.

“Various towns blend seamlessly into the borderless wilderness. Pokemon in this area can be found everywhere in the sky, sea, forests, streets, etc. You can experience it. The true of the Pokemon series. The joy of — fighting to catch wild Pokemon — is now an open world game for players of all ages. ”

Unfortunately, the last part of the paragraph above also raises questions about the catching mechanism of the new game. At this point, some trainers seem to think that the method of catching Pokemon can return to the “traditional” method. There you have to take part in the battle.

Returning to the topic, Scarlet and Violet already sound incredibly promising. Looking forward to exploring a completely open world Pokemon game? Pokemon Legends: Want to see mechanics take over from Arceus and even Sword and Shield? Please tell me below.

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