Nick Morgan Disappearance How Did Nick Morgan Disappear?

Nick Morgan Disappearance

Morgan Nick vanished while she was playing in a little league field. This happened in June 1995. , a new Hulu documentary series, focuses on her case.

Morgan Nick: What happened?

Six-year-old Morgan Nick was playing with her friends on June 9, 1995 at an Alma Little League baseball game. Colleen Nick, her mother, briefly turned around. Morgan was not there when she returned to her mother’s house.

The area was searched by law enforcement but the girl was not found.

Don’t give up on hope

“I can still remember being outside the fire station the fourth day, and someone saying to me, ‘It’s only been four days’ thinking that was helpful,” Colleen Nicholas said in 2008, 13 year after last seeing her daughter.

She never gave up on her dream of having a daughter.

Police have collected tips and searched properties. also released age-progressed images of Morgan.

Colleen said, “I’ve always believed that Morgan will return home until I can prove it to myself,”

Clues: The Red Pickup Truck Description of Man

A photo of a pickup truck and camper parked near the Alma ballfield has been periodically released by law enforcement. Morgan vanished from the Alma baseball field, and it was found parked nearby.

Chief of Alma police Jeff Pointer said that after Nick disappeared, officers received reports from about suspicious activity involving the truck driver and children living in Alma.

“Children, and I could say teenagers when I say children. But it could also be children younger than that who were approached in a red truck by a man driving a white camper with a white camper.” Pointer stated that someone may know who was at the ballpark with a red truck and a white camper.

Police also circulated the following description of a person of concern in the case. According to police, he was between the ages 23 and 38 when Morgan disappeared. He stood about 6 feet tall and had a solid build. His beard and mustache may have been a result of his hairstyle.

Researching Billy Jack Lincks

FBI agents identified a man called Billy Jack Lincks in November 2021 as an individual of interest in the case. They asked the public for help to gather information.

Lincks was convicted for sexual indecency two months after Morgan Nick disappeared. Lincks attempted to kidnap a child.

Initial police reports obtained from 40/29 News show that an 11-year old girl was walking near the Sonic restaurant in downtown Van Buren, when a man pulled up in a pickup truck.

Van Buren is located about 10 minutes from Alma on the interstate. This is where Morgan Nick was born.

Officers were told that the man had offered her money and made sexual comments. He also offered to pay her to go to his house. The girl fled and was notified by police.

Witness reported an Arkansas license plate to police. Lincks was then traced and an arrest warrant was issued that day.

Lincks’ Pickup Truck

Multiple law enforcement agencies conducted a search of a 1986 Chevrolet Scottsdale pickup truck. They also collected evidence inside. Crime lab reports indicate that blood was found on a portion of the truck’s seat. Investigators also found hair samples in various items.

The lab technicians discovered that the DNA information in the blood and hair was not sufficient to establish a match.

A new documentary showed that blue-green cotton fiber was also found in the mat underneath the seats and in the metal parts of the truck.

FBI technicians were able match the fiber to a Girl Scout shirt Morgan wore at the time she vanished.

According to court records, Lincks told investigators that he believed there was a camper shell in Lincks’ truck.

Who was Billy Jack Lincks

Agents are trying their best to find out as much information as possible about Billy Jack Lincks’ life.

Lincks was raised in Crawford County, Arkansas. Lincks served in World War II in the Army and worked as a pilot at Braniff Airlines from 1962 to 1974.

Lincks was able to return to Van Buren in the latter 1970s. Lincks died in prison in 2000.

The release stated that Lincks’ life and activities were through school, work or church.

It states, “Remember that every bit of information about Lincks’ life is important – there is no detail too small or too significant.”

Morgan Nick Foundation

The Morgan Nick Foundation was founded by Colleen Nick. The Morgan Nick Foundation was founded by Colleen Nick.

The foundation aids the attorney general, local police agencies, and families in missing persons cases involving children or adults.

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