New report tips Google Pixel Watch colors, more


At this point, it’s clear that the long-awaited “Pixel Watch” is finally here this year. According to a new report, Wear OS smartwatches are available in three colors and offer a large amount of storage.

Temporarily backtracked Reported at the end of last year Google has finally announced that it will launch the “Pixel Watch” in 2022. since then, Product watch face When Details of possible chips..Well, prior to that expected launch, people Android police We are reporting details about smart watches withdrawn from the carrier inventory system. The Pixel Watch was displayed on the system with the known codename “rohan” and the Pixel 6a was displayed with “bluejay”. Seen before..

According to Max Weinbach, the Pixel Watch ships in three colors, gray, black and gold, depending on the carrier system. This is by no means an amazing lineup, and it really matches what Google owns Fitbit currently offers.The detection There are silver, graphite and gold, Versa 3 Put the black model into the mix. Apple specifically sells the Watch Series 7 in a much wider variety of colors, including blue, green, and red. Samsung sells the Galaxy Watch 4 in black, silver and green.

The report also states that the smartwatch offers 32GB of storage, far more than any other Wear OS smartwatch you’ve ever seen. In today’s situation Galaxy Watch 4 With 16GB of storage, you get the most local storage in your Wear OS products. Google’s pitch for this amount of storage is clearly unknown at this point, but it seems to be a strong indication that the company hasn’t downplayed the specs. Given the sources, it’s also reasonable to assume that a cellular-enabled model will emerge, especially given that the carrier in question hasn’t sold a non-cellular smartwatch yet.

Finally, this report also provides some context for the launch of Google Pixel 6a. Like a smartwatch, the phone is clearly set to offer three different color variations (black, white, green). The Pixel 6 is available in black, green and red, and the Pixel 6 Pro is available in black, white and gold. The report also mentions the Pixel 6a, which offers 128GB of storage. This is consistent with the starting storage of the last two generations of Pixela A-series devices.

Details of Google Pixel:

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