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This article on the Nepal Plane Crash Video Reddit will provide information for the viewers about the crash that occurred on Sunday in Nepal. Please read.

Did you see the video of an airplane colliding with a building? A plane crashed in Nepal’s Pokhara on Sunday. The video of the plane’s crash before it crashed was shared in both the United Kingdom as well as the United States. This Nepal Plane Crash Video Reddit post will provide information about the plane’s crash video. Please read the following post to learn more about Sunday’s crash.

Reddit: Nepal Plane Crash!

According to online sources, the plane was from Nepal and crashed close to Pokhara in Nepal. The plane was carrying around 72 people and, according to reports, 68 died in the crash. The plane crashed before it was captured on video. The video shows that the plane was having problems. It crashed to the ground, then exploded into flames. Locals came to the aid of the plane and admitted the incident.

Viral on Twitter: Crash video

Some people took video of the plane as it was about to crash when the plane crashed. Officials claimed that the crash was the most serious in 30 years. It was estimated that 72 people boarded the plane, 68 of them passengers, and 4 crew members. Yet Airlines of Nepal operated the ATR 72. The plane was filled with people from all corners of the globe. The plane was filled with people from all walks of the world, including Indians, Russians and South Koreans. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal confirmed that the plane was carrying 25 people, three infants, 37 males and three children. Many social media platforms covered the incident.

Rescue operations started immediately following the crash. Once the latest information on the crash is available, we will notify our readers.

Takeoff by Plane!

According to online sources, the plane took flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. It is located approximately 80 miles west from Kathmandu in a district near the Himalayan region. The plane was in contact with Pokhara airport authorities at 10:50 am when it took off. After 18 minutes, contact was lost.

The rescue team continues to try their best to reach the families of those on the plane. Many people find the video on Tiktok disturbing. We will however provide the link below to the updated video.

We are hopeful that everyone will be rescued by the rescue team. Once the precise data on the death and safety of those who perished will be available, we will notify the readers.


We have now wrapped up our post on ATR 72’s crash. You can view the crash video here.

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