Nail polish powder OEM and brand sharing


Brand: Takasago name: GalGlitter dip glitter powder original name: ネイルホリック Japan Takasago Group’s affordable finger color brand “NAIL HOLICacrylic dip glitter powder,” since the market has caused a lot of talks, in addition to cheap, good to use these advantages, specially designed brush head easy to apply evenly. In addition to the advantages of being cheap and easy to use, the special design of the brush head is easy to apply evenly, and more amazingly, there are hundreds of colors, making it hard not to fall into the difficulty of choosing. Whether it’s a low-key and calm color, a lively and bold color, a gentle and sweet color, or a passionate color, NAIL HOLIC can do it all, and from time to time, new colors will be introduced for the season, with many choices and low prices.

A regular customer of Japanese miscellaneous! Sequin control preferred HOMEI “radiant acrylic dip glitter powder.”

“HOME” sequin acrylic dip glitter powder is the designated model for Japanese miscellaneous!

Brand: HOME name: galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder original name: ネイルポリッシュ スパンコールネイル feel that the plain color is too monotonous, do phototherapy nails and too much trouble? You can try HOMEI’s “radiant acrylic dip glitter powder,” special brush head design so that the finger color is more even and good color. Glitter styles are also a lot, there are stars, love, moon, snowflakes, glitter, and various sizes of sequins can be a single cable bottle or several bottles with each other, each time is a unique design; jelly-like base color to increase the sense of transparency so that the nail looks fresh and bright. HOME acrylic dip glitter powder can easily make fancy and colorful nail art and is often introduced in the daily miscellaneous finger paint brand; suitable for you who want to move a little in the nail but do not want to spend too much time!

A nail polish that replaces polish: HOMEI “Peel-Off Nail Polish

“HOMEI Peel-Off Base Coat” can be removed by soaking in warm water.

Brand: HOME Name: Peel-Off Nail Base Coat Original name: PILO FLAVESCOUTO Sequin Acrylic dip glitter powder It looks good on the machine, but it’s not easy to remove it. The “Peel-Off Nail Polish” from HOMEI is the savior for removing the acrylic dip glitter powder. Just use the “Peel-Off” one to remove it easily. No need to remove water at all! How to use it is very simple. First, fully clean the nail moisture and oil. After the line with HOMEI peel-off nail care base, then you can follow the general procedure to remove acrylic dip glitter powder! When removing, you can soak it in warm water to soften it a little bit, then gently use your fingers to peel it off!

With the beautiful acrylic dip glitter powder on your fingers and toes, you will feel more colorful. The ten types of acrylic dip glitter powder that Japanese girls love to use are recommended above, from sweet models for girls to quick-drying models that are easy to use to natural models that don’t hurt your hands, to meet the needs of different occasions and dresses. Come and buy the right acrylic dip glitter powder for your nails to have a good color!

acrylic dip glitter powder dry before taking food

You should not take food directly with your hands within a few hours of applying acrylic dip glitter powder, especially pastries and fried foods, so that the compounds of acrylic dip glitter powder will not dissolve in the food and enter your body with it, threatening your health.

Additional Tips:

Excessive nail care can lead to unexpected hazards, such as gray nails, vasculitis and nail infections and hepatitis. Also, when applying acrylic dip glitter powder try not to touch the skin, especially the broken skin, to avoid infection.

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