Redroad Receives Gold Award at the MUSE Design Awards 2021

MUSE Design Awards 2021
MUSE Design Awards 2021

Redroad V17 stick vacuum cleaner is received a high rating since its launch. Recently, it was awarded the Gold prize in the category of home appliances from the MUSE Design Awards 2021, overtaking 35 thousand other products in more than 100 nations and regions.

V17 is the best design as well as R&D and production capability of Asian innovative home appliances company Redroad with its stunning appearance and materials that are military-grade, as well as the high standard… and it symbolizes the new way of life, that blends quality, hygiene aesthetics, art and design which Redroad introduced within the appliance industry for home use.

Again, Redroad wins global recognition

The jury members of MUSE have unanimously agreed that Redroad V17 is able to provide powerful features in an elegant design and established a new standard in the design and manufacturing for smart appliances.’

MUSE Design Awards MUSE Design Awards was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015 with the aim to support and find emerging designers. It is renowned for its professional and rigorous evaluation. Every year jurors of 46 from 25 nations meet to assess the work strictly in line with the highest standards.

One of the most prestigious design awards around the globe The MUSE Design Awards draw many prominent designers and famous brands like IKEA as well as Michelin. The MUSE Award is a feat that can bring the world’s attention, recognition and recognition.

Redroad V17 offers a stout performance, and is low in noise. It’s also an innovative product that has brought vibrant colors to the dull environment of vacuum cleaners. This is why it’s won the respect of a lot of.

Redroad ‘Dream Team’ sweeps global design awards

Behind the popular Redroad V17 is the Redroad Dream Team which is a group comprising 12 expert vacuum cleaner technicians. Its V17 Project Manager has more than 28 years of industry experience. Prior to V17 was founded, he managed hundreds of projects for vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. (One model he created for an North American brand is a world record holder for sales in the same category over 12 years.) Additionally, the projects for vacuum cleaners which he’s been involved with have resulted in fifty million cleaning machines that’s equivalent to 4 months of the production in the world. If we group fifty million of these vacuums they will circumnavigate the equator of globe eight times.

The team also includes experts in home appliances with at minimum 10 years of experience. They are well-informed about the needs of customers, with a strong empathy and vast knowledge. This is the reason why Redroad is able to continue to offer innovative products using cutting-edge technologies as well as fine materials and the most advanced processes.

Two R&D Directors of Redroad have more than 1000 patents. the chief designer for ID, who was named among the top ten of the newest Chinese designers, has led the design of a top bicycle company and was honored by the company’s worldwide design council. Redroad also brought in three doctoral students from the University of British Columbia to design AI applications.

70 percent of the vacuums sold in the world are manufactured by Suzhou, China. In those who are the 15 most prominent technical engineers from China three are located within the Redroad R&D centre located in Suzhou. Simply put, Redroad is a top talent pool.

In the last few decades, Redroad has won the most important design awards in the industry, like IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) CMF DESIGN AWARD iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, G-Mark Award and more.

With innovative technology and craftsmanship, Redroad ventures deep into the interplay between aesthetics, art and the everyday, and aims to revolutionize home cleaning by creating stunning, beautiful, durable and user-friendly “daily life sculptures’. It is determined to offer consumers more than they bargain for.

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