MediaTek might have overtaken Qualcomm in US Android marketshare


MediaTek could have beaten Qualcomm to gain the largest market share of any Android mobile chip maker in the United States, at least according to a group of analysts.

According to IDC’s quarterly mobile phone sales tracker, MediaTek chips in the fourth quarter of 2021 accounted for 51% of all Android phones in the United States, compared to 47% for Qualcomm. As discovered by PCMag.. These numbers are a complete reversal from the previous quarter when MediaTek had a 41% market share against Qualcomm’s 56%.

However, there are inconsistent reports. Qualcomm may be holding its crown for now, as Qualcomm’s fourth-quarter split was 55% for Qualcomm and 37% for MediaTek, according to Counterpoint Research’s own report.

MediaTek isn’t as popular as the smartphone processor Qualcomm (which has long been the dominant force in US Android phones, especially for the high-end flagship). However, the company is steadily building its presence in the United States and LG velvet Also Moto G Pure..

The secret of MediaTek is to convince manufacturers and customers of more premium chips. Like its flagship Dimensity 9000According to the company, it’s more powerful than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 and continues to enter the high-end Android device market, so it’s worth a try.

That said, MediaTek isn’t content with its glory either. The company has announced three new chips that further advance its goal of providing more powerful 5G chips. At the top of the market are the Dimensity 8100 and Dimensity 8000. These are the more powerful Dimensity 9000 flagship trickle-down cousins.

Both of these chips are built on TSMC’s 5nm node (rather than the 4nm process used in the Dimensity 9000) and use less powerful CPU and GPU cores, but with AI and 5G capabilities that debuted on high-end platforms. Provides a part of. In addition, the company also announced the new 5G-enabled Dimensity 1300 chipset. This is an upgraded version of the company’s Dimensity 1200 model with improved AI performance.

All three new chips will debut on smartphones in the first quarter of 2022. Perhaps it will help MediaTek continue to grow in the United States (whether or not it actually beat Qualcomm).

Updated at 3:30 pm EST on March 1st: Added additional information from Counterpoint Research to note that there are conflicting reports as to whether MediaTek actually overtook Qualcomm in US market share.

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