Matched Deposit Bonus at Online Casinos


There are different types of offers and bonuses at online casinos games; these bonuses are a means to encourage players to use the site more. To be candid, bonuses do this, as it is a kind of reinforcement for players. In the next few sentences, you’ll know what matched deposit bonus is and how it works. 

What is a matched deposit bonus?

A matched deposit bonus is what you get when you put money into your online casino account. It is an offer given in proportion to your deposit; it is called Matched deposit bonus because what you will get as a bonus percentage is directly related to the amount deposited. Let’s say you deposited £300 into your account. The casino site is offering a 100% bonus deposit. You’re getting an additional £300 to match up with your deposit, and you’ll be having a total bankroll of £600. 

How Matched Deposit Bonus Works

Matched deposits are given to both new and old loyal customers. When you are new to a casino, you will get both a welcome bonus and a matched deposit bonus. The latter will be used after the former. Like any other business, Online Casinos also reward players, and this is why Loyal customers get to enjoy matched deposit bonuses more frequently. These can be available at any time, and you’ll only get to tap into them if you’re a regular customer. They can come in different forms, in free spins, an additional bet amount, in cash gifts too. 

Types of Matched Bonus Deposits You can Find At Online Casinos

There are various types of matched deposit bonuses on online casinos, and they all have almost the same pattern. There are slight differences anyways; some casinos may give 100% matched deposits, some 200%, although it is not common for casinos to go higher than 200%. The most popular of matched deposits are between 50% to 100%. Here are examples you can find:

1.      Free Spins – Free spins will give you additional spins on reels for free. How generous your free spins will depend on the online casino you’re playing on. Some free spins can win you deals, usually a saving grace. 

2.      Multiple Deposit Bonus – Just as the name implies, a player given this will get multiple matched bonus deals. This means that your first, second, third and fourth deposits (you may be this lucky) will be matched. 

3.      VIP Bonus Programs – VIP bonuses are for high rollers, and high rollers are players who are not only loyal to a casino but who play with big sums of money. They do this very frequently. In the VIP programs, there are different types of benefits and bonuses. 

4.      Reload Bonuses – Reload bonuses are enjoyed by old customers. They are a 100% matched bonus old players get while new players get the welcome bonus offer.


Matched deposits is another interesting juice that players get for using online casinos. Players can claim their bonus by clicking on the terms and conditions a site offers or use the promotional codes attached to the bonus. Check out the terms and conditions and be sure they’re favourable before you accept the bonus offer.

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