Maaran movie review: Dhanush shines in a bland investigative thriller


Karthick Naren’s Maaran Dhanush There isn’t much to offer in the role of a justice investigative journalist. I want this movie to look smart, but in the end it will be a predictable and bland thriller. When Marlan was announced nearly two years ago, the project was exciting because it was the first collaboration between Dhanush and Carthic Naren, who are considered one of the most exciting contemporary filmmakers in Tamil cinema today. It has increased. Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t belong to Karthick or Dhanush, so I don’t want to keep that opinion after watching Maaran. ((((Read again: Trailer of Maaran: Dhanush superstar journalist kills with a pen.literally).

Quite early on, the movie introduces us to Ramki’s character-a fearless journalist who chases the truth without worrying about paying the price. Dhanush plays his son, and at an early age his father told him that being very smart was also important to becoming a truth-seeking journalist. Ramki is killed for exposing a massive fraud, and Dhanush grows up and fills his shoes. Dhanush plays the nonsense journalist Matimaran, and when he crosses the road with a corrupt local politician, his life turns in an unexpected direction.

As long as Marlan wants to be accepted as a wise research thriller, the movie will never go beyond mediocrity. Karthick Naren has shown a lot of potential in his work to date, including the Netflix anthology Navarasa segment. However, Marlan’s weak writing doesn’t feel like his movie.

Unlike his two previous feature films, the Dhruvangal 16 and Mafia, Maaran isn’t quite impressed with the stylishness of his presentation. With a predictable twist and an adversary that has little impact, movies can’t keep investing in anyone. If there is anything in Maalan’s favor, it must be Dhanush’s performance.

Even with a decent performance in Dhanush, Marlan is noteworthy. He will do his best to keep the movie together. Samuthirakani, one of the busiest character actors in Tamil movies today, is wasted in the role he has taken on. No one else affects their presence as part of the support cast. The sporadic use of English conversation also stands out like a pain in the thumb.

Maaran was released on March 11th in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada on Disney + Hotstar.

movie: Maaran

directed by: Karthick Naren

cast: Dhanush, Malavika Mohanan, Smulti Benkat, Samdra Cani

ott: 10

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