Lost Ark Powerpass Guide: How To Get Two Free Character Boosts


Lost Ark And its novel Power path Arrived. The game has taken the zeitgeist out of the gate, and over time you’ll see if this MMO is appealing to many players. However, unlike other MMOs, Lost Ark is particularly focused on players with multiple characters. Many of the game’s various systems, such as roster levels, bases, and adventurer’s books, are account-wide, and the game also supports the ability to transfer resources between characters. Much of Lost Ark’s endgame content is gated so that it can only be run frequently on a character-by-character basis, so more players than just playing will have more than one character completing the endgame content on a regular basis. You can get the reward of. A single character.

But who has time to level up multiple characters? Lost Ark’s leveling experience isn’t that long compared to other MMOs, but playing the game’s story over and over is summed up. Thankfully, Smilegate RPG developers are well aware of this, as players who don’t have time to level up multiple characters will enjoy the benefits of having a roster of some of the highest level characters. I figured out an excellent way to do it. It’s called a power pass. The mechanism is as follows.

Description of Lost Ark Power Path

What is better than one character for endgames? Three of them.
What is better than one character for endgames? Three of them.

After completing the main story of the game (climaxing with the quest Ealyn’s Gift in the Northburn region), Powerpass will be sent to your account via the in-game email system. What is a power path? It’s essentially a level boost, allowing the character in which it’s used to bypass the Lost Ark story when claimed. On the character selection screen, when you select a character that can use the pass, a huge power pass button is displayed. From there, just use the path of the desired character. It’s pretty easy.

A little more complicated is what Powerpass actually does. this Does not grant instant level 50 characters.. Instead, consuming the character’s power pass unlocks what is called the Adventurer’s Path. This is a massively compressed leveling process, effectively a cliff note version of the Lost Ark story, as NPC Beatrice said. The Adventure Pass will teach you the basics of an upcoming level 50 class, explain how the game’s progression system works, and allow you to quickly relive some of the key moments in the story. Completing the Adventurer’s Path, you will become the new Level 50 owner with the appropriate equipment for the content of the endgame Vern.

It’s cool? This deal will be sweeter, so I’ll conclude it well. With one Powerpass granted to complete the main story, a second, completely free Powerpass will be sent again in-game email immediately... So basically, to create three endgame-ready characters, you only have to complete one complete Lost Ark leveling process.

Getting two free power passes saves you a lot of time and is even useful for time-constrained players’ stadiums where you may not have the time to sink into a larger MMO than others.It’s also a great way to try more 15 classes of Lost Ark, Allows you to experience more of what Lost Ark offers. With the three maximum level classes, you can have the maximum level class that fulfills each of the three roles of the game (tank, support, and DPS). Alternatively, you can use Powerpass in a class that you find fun to play. The choice is up to you.Whenever we jump into Arquesia for the first time, our Lost Ark Beginner’s Guide For important tips to help you hit the ground.

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