Lenovo is selling two of its newest tablets at pretty much irresistible prices


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Lenovo sells the latest two tablets at very attractive prices.

update: Lenovo’s Yoga Tab 11 eBay deal has been going on for more than 48 hours since it first noticed the unprecedented 25% discount on midrangers, but the 24% Yoga Tab 13 price cut is no longer available. I will inform you. China’s tech giant eBay storefront has, of course, run out of all its inventory.

Incredibly, even better promotions are taking place while we’re talking, and it’s … coming directly from Lenovo. Like, the company’s actual US website offers the Yoga Tab 13 giant with 8GB of RAM at a price that’s $ 200 cheaper than the regular price of $ 679.99. Remember to apply the (unnecessarily complicated) “LENOVOEMPCLEAR22” eCoupon code to your order at checkout. As originally reported in Slickdeals.. Our original story is as follows.

Samsung has recently received a lot of attention from tablet enthusiasts who don’t think their needs are met for some reason. Apple’s industry-leading iPadBut for some reason you are not very keen on ordering members Galaxy Tab S8 Whether you’re a family member, Lenovo’s product portfolio may be worth a look.

Nothing is as lively and flashy as the latest iPad Pro duo or Samsung’s latest ultra-high-end Galaxy Tab trio. YogaTab11 and YogaTab13 have joined together. US commercial debut about 6 months ago At a very competitive price.
Of course, if you are a little familiar with Lenovo’s MO in the last two years, Lenovo will Global vendor podiumIt’s not shocking to hear that the reasonable price has dropped further, especially the small models are quite difficult to resist.
That is, if you do not claim to own the best The best tablet you can buy with money For now, I’m happy to accept a decent midranger with a reasonably sharp 11-inch 2K screen, four powerful JBL speakers, and an almost surprisingly large battery for a 7.9mm fairly lightweight device. Its thinnest point.
The regular price is $ 319.99, and at the time of this writing, you can use the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 in exchange for just $ 239.99 with 4GB of RAM that isn’t impressive on your deck. It can also be easily expanded with the excellent 128 giga of internal storage space. Old-fashioned microSD card.
This budget-friendly 11-inch slate is very interesting and sets it apart from the rest. iPad Air (2020) Also Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE Is a built-in stainless steel kickstand that allows you to support or hang the Yoga Tab 11 against a wall to enhance your content display and gaming experience.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 is priced at $ 519.99 instead of $ 679.99, and is not only significantly larger than its mid-end siblings, but also quite powerful, with a Snapdragon 870 processor and 8 gigs of memory, some of which are rare. The micro HDMI port makes dual screen productivity easy.

By the way, the 13-inch display … is pretty good at that price. With a resolution of 2160 x 1350 pixels and sadly a 60Hz refresh rate technology, the “high performance” battery is tucked into a luxurious body. It is only 6.2mm thick and is equipped with 30W fast charging support. Of course, the kickstand mentioned above is also here, but strangely, the microSD card slot is gone.

These significantly discounted iPad rivals are sold by Lenovo itself on eBay in new, unused, unopened and undamaged condition. So there is no doubt that it also comes with a full standard warranty.

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