Launch and Approval of Sports Betting Apps in the United States: Ohio


The United States is one of the most happening places when we contextualize sports betting. Many states have already legalized sports betting in their provinces, but there are still few states left to legalize online wagering. Ohio is one such state to announce the launch date on 1st January 2023 for sports gambling. The announcement was made by Ohio Casino Control Commission and the bills are signed by Mike DeWine, the governor. Two-thirds of the US state has already confirmed some forms of legal betting. 

Ohio has been completely regulating the fantasy sports arena since 2018. This creates an option for the bettors to place bets on real-money value. The Ohio sports betting bill was passed in December 2021, also the law was signed in the same month but the launch is expected on January 2023. 

Ohio Sports Betting 

Complete online and retail sports betting is approaching the state with a proper legislation setting. The new sports betting is still in its working phase and it is unclear which operators will have sports betting apps in Ohio. Currently, the respective institution is on the verge of establishing a regulatory framework for the new market in Ohio. 

Although sports betting is legal in Ohio, no traditional or online sportsbooks are currently operational in the arena. Meanwhile, these apps get structured in the state, and fantasy sports have taken the command and are regulating the entire gaming front legally. January 2023 is the latest date that the state has sought for the official launch of various apps in the industry. This date can be considered a deadline and not an expected date. The most likely accepted apps in the state would be:

  • FanDuel – offering top-tier worth. 
  • DraftKings – insightful analytics on statistics
  • BetMGM – trusted online sports betting apps
  • Caesars – excellent promotions and rewards
  • Fubo – customized betting experience

However, these apps are a blunt guess based on statistics. The actual operators that will be ruling the state are still unpredictable. 

The App Approval Process 

Building an app is the initial step for operations. Apple needs to approve all apps either on a sale or for free. But before that, every developer should know what the app approval process is and how much time it takes. Mobile applications are on the verge of exponential expansion, but the entire focus still remains concentrated on iOS mobile development. The new development trends are unbiased about the stringent requirements posed by Apple for the acceptance of the apps. As a matter of fact, Apple has a very strict set of guidelines for the development of iOS apps to safeguard the integrity of their mobile devices and to ensure that the platform stays a family-oriented niche. In order to get easy approval, some processes are required to be looked at during the planning stage.

Rules and Regulations 

More than 5 lakh apps were approved for the App Store in the United States as the records show on 6 June 2011. The App Store is the largest of all regional stores in the domain. However, this might seem simple, but it is a long process with some sharp competition on your way. As already mentioned, Apple is always concerned about its reputation as a family-oriented app that is reliable. To make this happen and ensure the smooth functioning of the apps, they have implemented a set of guidelines for iOS applications. 

Some of the listed requirements pertain to the user interface, functional operations, technological operations, and other acceptable categories. One needs to read the guidelines thoroughly and understand the App Store approval process to prevent the wastage of time in the development of any project. 

Developer Account 

Once you are sure that the feature list will pass the strict review board of Apple, the next step you follow is to register yourself as an app developer with Apple. The recent cost of getting this done is $99 for every developer who wishes to launch their apps in the App Store. Also, this fee is not a one-time submission, it has to be renewed every year. The application fee also gives you access to various features of the iOS Dev center including forums, videos, documentation, and distinct samples of codes. 

Additionally, you get access to an iOS simulator that lets you run iPhone applications on your Mac desktop easily for processes like debugging and testing. The developer programs give you an opportunity to test your apps on the devices, which is an important step of the app development process. A simulator is a good option for quick testing but there is no alternative for on-device testing during the app development process. 


The United States is already popular for its gaming mechanics and gambling associations. The introduction of various betting apps in the province of Ohio has set new standards for various other states that are on the verge of launching legal wagering in their respective space. A multiple set of things need to be focused on before launching any app, that requires your dedication. 

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