Latoya Williams {Oct} Know About Her Life!


Latoya has consistently had aggressive objectives when it hit on family ancestry. She began her business process when she set off on a mission to follow her family’s genealogy from Jamaica back to Africa. Presently she needs to interface every one of the groups of the world, each age in turn. She understood the hole for a clear cut, one-stop supplier for Lineage benefits that designated Caribbean populaces including the Diaspora. After coordinated efforts with different accomplices, The Age Tap was conceived.

The Age Tap is a genealogical think-tank situated in Kingston, Jamaica. The ebb and flow harvest of contributions by The Age Tap incorporate Ancestry Exploration and will grow to incorporate Family Systems administration and Reunions, Family locater administrations, Multi-media items like Memoriams/Accounts, and Memorabilia. With long stretches of involvement and expert preparation, The Age Tap makes it workable for individuals of Caribbean plunge to explore their family ancestry without consuming impressive persona time, cost or bother.

The Age Tap is assisting with disentangling family secrets and separate ‘block facades’ that are normal in Caribbean lineage. Through her business, Latoya is assisting Jamaicans with addressing questions like “Who am I? “Where did my kin come from, and “What are their accounts?”.

Latoya hopes to send off a progression of tasks pointed toward teaching the populace about the significance of Family Ancestry Exploration and the positive effect this can have on underestimated and in danger youth in family-broke social orders.

Latoya holds a Lone wolves degree in Administration from the College of the West Indies and is on the way to turning into the Caribbean’s most memorable board-ensured proficient genealogist after she finishes the AAS in Family Ancestry Exploration at Brigham Youthful College Idaho.

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