Jurassic Lovers Rejoice as UK City’s Exhibit to Feature Lego Dinosaurs

Jurassic Lovers Rejoice as UK City’s Exhibit to Feature Lego Dinosaurs
Jurassic Lovers Rejoice as UK City’s Exhibit to Feature Lego Dinosaurs

You would probably run for your life if you saw a dinosaur in person. When you think about legos you might think of cute little characters that are so adorable to look at. What happens when we combine the scary nature of dinosaurs with the adorableness of legos? Warren Elsmore, a UK-based artist, has created an exhibit of Jurassic-era giants, all made from Lego. The exhibit will be on display in Norwich, a northern city in England that loves Jurassic-age creatures.

Elsmore created the Brick Dinos exhibit, which will include over 500,000 standard Lego blocks and other elements. A single model of Masiakasaurus (a lizard-like dinosaur) is constructed of just 30,000 Lego bricks. It has a height comparable to that of humans.

Elsmore stated to BBC that building dinosaurs in Lego was a great challenge because lego bricks are rectangular and many dinosaurs are not.

Elsmore says that it is not only the design of the model that is difficult. It takes approximately four to five months to build the models once the design has been completed. Elsmore, who has been fascinated by Lego bricks from his childhood days claims there are no limits to the amount of Lego bricks that can be built.

The exhibition pictures show lego-models and trees of the beasts, as well as their environment. These are also made entirely in lego. Another model features a flying dinosaur with colourful lego feathers, yellow eyes and colorful lego feathers.

Dippy is also a replica of Diplodocus carnegii’s fossilized bones. This north-American dinosaur has a long neck, and a long tail. The stoppage at Norwich Cathedral for Dippy, the plastic-cast creature, is part of its UK tour. This show follows two previous dinosaur shows in the city: first, an exhibit of colorful T. rexes and then the famous Dippy.

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