It’s scorpio season! Here are some gift ideas you can get a scorpio-signed friend for their birthday


The scorpio season is fast approaching, and if you have a friend who’s going to celebrate their birthday between October 23 to November 21, best believe that you should think about what appropriate gift you can give them for their special day. If there’s a possibility that they are also huge fans of astrology, you’ll get a higher chance of receiving a tight hug if you give them a personalized present that fits their personality as a scorpio! If you’re having  a hard time picking one though, here’s a few suggestions you might want to consider.

Scorpio-themed gift box

If you want to give a gift that has a couple other things inside for the receiver to use, you can opt to get a gift box that contains a few things. Depending on which store you will be purchasing it from, a zodiac-themed gift box may contain crystals, candles, dried flowers, and other cute and memorable pieces that they can enjoy using over a specific period of time. It’s a safe choice that guarantees their satisfaction, and it offers variety as well.


Sweatshirts are a classic gift that no one can ever feel bad receiving, so having a scorpio-designed sweatshirt as a gift is another suggestion that will make your friend extremely happy to have. You can have it knitted if you want the clothing to be more personalized and sentimental, and there are also a couple choices for designs to choose from depending on which store you purchase the item.

Scorpio Mugs

There’s not a single person in the world who does not use a mug, and it is a perfect gift for people of all ages and gender. If the person you will be sending the gift to is someone who likes to start their day with a good cup of coffee or tea, you can give them a mug that has their star sign as a design so they will feel connected to the universe at the beginning of their day. The thought of sipping your cup of joe with a mug that shows how amazing of a scorpio person you are is enough to get the day started, so it’s an amazing piece that you can get as a present this coming scorpio season.

There are a whole lot of choices that one can go through in order to pick the right gift for a scorpio friend, so the one you might end up getting might not be the one we had included in this list. It’s still important that your gift captures the character of the person you are giving it to, so do not feel pressured to buy something that’s costly and grand. So as long as your intention to  give something of value is there, it will be more than enough to express your admiration to your friend and to celebrate their birth as another Scorpio in the world.

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