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Opodo demands that a dropped flight had flown as booked. 2. Opodo’s Twitter support disregards all demands, the web visit alludes me to the hotline, the hotline alludes me to sending an email, and the email framework alludes me to a contact structure that doesn’t exist.

Long form: I booked a trip with Opodo from Dublin to Beijing (through Frankfurt), worked by Lufthansa/Air China. The outbound flight occurred as expected. Notwithstanding, three days before the return flight, Lufthansa communicated something specific that the flight had been dropped because of the Covid. Lufthansa’s hotline let me know I ought to contact Opodo to track down an answer for my dropped flight (second of February 2020, flight code CA6221/LH721).

Opodo Survey: Dropping Message
I called Opodo’s hotline and furthermore visited online with a worker. The twice, Opodo demanded that the flight would occur and is “all around great to go”. At the point when inquired as to why Lufthansa would send me a dropping message in the event that there wasn’t any issue, Opodo just answered they wouldn’t be aware. I ought to call them again 24 hours before the flight takeoff.

Opodo Audit: Opodo demands everything is alright
(only for culmination, here is the full visit log)

Complete Talk log, Opodo Audit:
On one occasion before the flight was expected to leave, I attempted to registration on the web. Of course, I couldn’ t registration as the flight for sure was dropped.

Lufthansa Online Checkin denied, dropped flight Opodo Experience
The undoing was likewise displayed on the sites of Beijing Air terminal…

Opodo Survey, Flight Dropped Beijing Site
… also, Frankfurt air terminal, as well as…

Opodo Survey, Flight Dropped Frankfurt Air terminal Site
… on different sites on the Web.

Opodo Audit, Flight Dropped Google Screen capture
I called the Opodo hotline once more, and they demanded the flight would withdraw as planned.

I hadn’t confided in Opodo in any case and had booked another return trip with Emirates.

I post the talk sign on Twitter, and Opodo’s Twitter group answered they would be glad to help me through the confidential informing framework.

Opodo Flight Booking Survey: Opodo offers to help however at that point nothing occurs.
Subsequent to giving Opodo on Twitter the mentioned subtleties nothing occurred. Opodo didn’t answer by any means.

Opodo Survey; Non-respondent Twitter Backing Care Group
After seven days, I visited again with the help group, which demanded the flight had been flown, and I ought to call the hotline to talk about this issue.

Thus, I called Opodo’s hotline, requesting a discount of the clearly dropped flight. Regardless of the way that all around the Internet different sites show that the flight had been dropped, Opodo demanded that the flight had flown as planned, as indicated by their information.

Opodo let me know they couldn’t determine this issue on the telephone. I would have to email confirmation of the abrogation to Opodo. The care staff on the telephone guaranteed me that straightforwardly after our call she would send me an email with additional subtleties.

Opodo for sure sent that email. The email educated me to answer to that email and send duplicates of the cancelation confirmation. In any case, the email was sent from

Opodo Audit: Sending Messages from No-Answer address
Think about what happened when I answered to the no-answer address? I got a programmed answer that Opodo doesn’t acknowledge messages. I ought to rather utilize the contact structure. I examined Opodo’s site yet couldn’t find any structure that would permit me to join documents.

Opodo Audit: Sending Messages from No-Answer address
I called the hotline once more and following 5 minutes in the line, the association was consequently detached.

All in all, I need to say: Opodo, you won. I’m surrendering. While I could in any case guarantee remuneration under EU Guideline 261 from Lufthansa, you can save the cash for the ticket. However, this was unquestionably the last time I booked a trip with Opodo.

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