Is it possible for a home buyer to value a home online?


When you’ve invested your life savings in renting/buying a home or are considering doing so, an obvious question that would pop up in your head is – How much is my house worth

Given how busy life can get, everybody wants the convenience and speed of the internet to accomplish everything big and small – whether it’s ordering food or getting a property valuation. When something so vital to your financial standings is involved, then going the extra mile in terms of getting your home valued is necessary, but this does now mean you can’t use online resources to ease the process online. Instead of depending on quick-fix websites that do not provide a fair analysis of your property’s price, use the internet to find agents that will hand over a detailed report based on the condition of your house, location, and market demand.   

Best Way To Value A Home Online

Starting the valuation process can be quite hectic if you do not know what you’re getting yourself into. Here is a step-by-step approach you should expect from your expert while getting a property valuation online.

Find A Good Estate Agent

There is nothing more useful than the internet for finding a trusted estate agent. Although you could go to your friends for advice or scourge through newspaper listings, the efficiency of the internet is unbeatable. In fact, any good professional in today’s world has an online presence to showcase their work.

Look for agents with good testimonials that specialise in the kind of property you want to sell or rent and possess at least a few years of experience. You can get all of this information via their website and even check up on their past work. Once you’ve found the right fit, you’re all set to move forward.

Fill Out Your Details

Estate agent websites usually either have a phone number or a contact form on their website so that clients can reach out to them and avail a property valuation. This form is where the process begins so be very careful while filling it up. The form may ask you the purpose for appraisal, the location of the property, and fundamental personal details.

It is always better to partner up with agents that want to connect on call or by Email after this and not provide a standard report. This provides an added layer of trust and security. 

Get in Touch

Based on your preferred mode of communication, you can either hop on a call and communicate with your assigned expert via Email. You may be asked some in-depth questions regarding how old your house is or what state it’s in. This will help your agent compare your property with their database and provide a calculated estimate of its price.

If you’ve got a good agent, they will most likely be interested in everything you have to say and find minute factors associated with the property market in your area.

Appraisal Report and Next Steps

Finally, it’s time for your property’s appraisal report. This document will contain the current market price for your home and may even have a brief explanation of the parameters used to reach this figure. In case you’re interested in using this number to put your house on the market, whether it’s for sale or lease, you can stick with the same agent. This consolidates the entire procedure for you as you do not have to knock on multiple doors just to get the best price.

According to CBRE, the average debt per household in 2020 Q1 was 123% of their income. Our assets make up most of our finances so make sure you get an accurate appraisal for your house and stay out of economic troubles. 


As enticing as it is to check for-sale listings of other properties in your area to guess the price of your home, the reality can be quite different from what a half-hearted search shows. According to the Office for National Statistics, In April 2022, the average price of a home in the UK was £281,000, up £31,000 from April 2021 – hence, the housing market is always changing. Looking for estate agents online and connecting with them based on their portfolio can be a smart route to go but make sure that the data they provide you is well-researched and based on your unique needs. The UK market is currently booming, with tenants and home buyers jumping at the first chance to sign up for a beautiful home. So, without the right information and agent, you are destined to get the desired value for your abode.

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