Is Cookymall Legit Grab Authentic Reviews!

Is Cookymall Legit
Is Cookymall Legit

Read this article to solve the issue of the legitimacy of Cookymall authentic? the site that sells replica sports equipment signed by famous players.

Are you a passionate lover of NFL and NHL players? Wouldn’t it be awesome having footballs or helmets that were signed by famous sports stars? You’ve probably heard of Cookymall and are looking to purchase these items from them. Are you looking for additional information regarding their legitimacy? Please check out this article for the needed information.

This article we’ve addressed the question is Cookymall legit that customers across the world particularly within the United States, are seeking to know.

Is Cookymall Authentic?

Check out our research findings regarding this site. These data will allow you to verify the legitimacy of this website.

  • Website Age It will be less than 2 years old. The date of the creation of the website is set at 25-08-2021.
  • website trust Score –1 percent, which falls into an area of Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Alexa Ranking –1,686,488 which is a highly low rank.
  • The Social Media Preference The buttons for social networks that appear on the homepage open login pages of the user, not the site’s social media handles. This is an important aspect of Cookymall Reviews. Cookymall Reviews.
  • Contact Information There are three email addresses that are listed on the website two of which belong to domains different from this site. The physical address listed is not complete. Additionally, the number provided is for a different website that is a sports-related one and sells similar products.
  • Customer Reviews We haven’t found any reviews on this site.
  • Content GenuinenessThe Terms of Service section includes a link to another online store. It is evident that the developers copied the section from that source.

In keeping the above points in mind, this site is a bit suspect. But, since it’s an upcoming portal and we are unable to declare the legitimacy of this website. Cookymall Legit or to be a fraud.

What is Cookymall?

Cookymall can be described as an store that sells replica sports equipment that have been signed by prominent players from players of the National Football League and National Hockey League teams. The products include goalkeeper helmets with gloves, footballs, and helmets that feature the team’s logos.


  • Portal Type An online retailer which sells replica sports items that are signed by famous players.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address:55 Road Ave, New York 10022 (This is a non-existent address, since a number of structures are located on 55th Street, according to the Internet. This is a critical issue regarding the legitimacy of Cookymall. Cookymall legitimate?).
  • Telephone Number – 856-3026634
  • Contact Email Address:
  • Sort By –Possible
  • Filter By –Unavailable
  • Shipping PolicyStandard shipping takes between two and five days.
  • The Return and Refund Information Customers are required to return their item that is not opened within 30 days of receiving the item.
  • Product Price –USD (default), Euro, GBP, CAD, AUD.
  • Payment Methods Unavailable on the home page it may be displayed while checking out.
  • Cancellation Policy – Absent
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use –Mentioned
  • Social Media Connection –Absent


  • The designers have honestly stated that the products are copies of the original items.
  • The date for the add to the site’s inventory is now available.

Cons Apropos Is Cookymall Legit

  • The website isn’t equipped with social media integration.
  • These Terms and Conditions appear to have been copied from a different site.
  • The contact number of the owner is not valid. Additionally, the contact number is associated with the website that sells similar items.
  • The home page has a mention of ‘Motorcycles in the upper left corner. However, the site doesn’t sell the kind of automobiles. This could mean that the website is copying its design.
  • Below the Follow Us footer, there is a link that is named RSS. It is a generic title and indicates an unprofessional web layout.
  • Buyers will be hesitant to use this site since there aren’t any customer reviews.

Cookymall Reviews

We haven’t found any reviews of customers on this site on reviewing platforms such as Amazon, Quora, or Reddit. In addition, there are no reviews of products on the website. It is apparent that consumers have yet to purchase items on this website since it’s relatively new. They might also be concerned about the fraud these websites can create. Therefore, you should read everything you need to Learn About The Paypal Fraud to safeguard your personal assets.

The Concluding Thoughts

The developers have only launched the website in recent times We are unable to confirm its legitimacy or say is Cookymall legitimateor not. Be aware of the ways to earn Money Back on the Credit Card when you shop on these new sites. Also, be sure to check out some intriguing helmets for goalies from NHL time.

Let us know your feedback on this website by commenting below.

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