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Is Legit {Read Genuine Reviews Here!|Beersme Legit? Read Real Reviews!} This post will help you to understand the amazing review of an online multi-product seller.

You are looking for unique wooden wedding card boxes? These boxes will appeal to people who love unusual things and try new things.

Beersme sells these cards boxes in the United States. Before we get to the point, let’s discuss Beersme and why it is so special. And, last but not least, what is Beersme legit?

Is Beersme a rip-off?

  • Information about the domain: This website is only 45 days old (May 28, 2021).
  • Website popularity: This website receives very little traffic (2.579,243) according to Alexa.
  • Website layout: – The website layout is not well designed.
  • Brand: – Beersme
  • Trust: – This website has a trust score of just 2%
  • Website security: – The site is secure (HTTPS).
  • Social Pages: – We have not found any social accounts or pages.
  • Review: Products are not subject to customer reviews.
  • Web Review: – The website is not listed in the Trust Pilot regarding Beersme Reviews.

What is

Beersme, an online shop that sells high-quality wedding cards boxes delivered right to your door with a variety of product options, is now open. This product is made from wood and has a beautiful design.

This shop offers international shipping. This website is all about stylish wedding cards that meet customer expectations.

Below are some of the product names:

  • Deep blue box for wedding business cards
  • Deer-shaped wedding business card
  • A wedding business card featuring a heart shape

Beersme has a variety of stylish wedding cards to meet your needs and convince you to purchase their product.

Before you buy from this store, make sure to verify the authenticity of the website.

Website feature

  • URL – Buy stylish wedding cards from
  • Email address is
  • Telephone number – (702) 403-1514
  • Address of the office – PO Box 272, WASHBURN (Maine-04786), United States
  • Return Policy – Available for 7 days only
  • Cancellation Policy – No mention of cancellation policy.
  • Shipping Charges – Most products do not have shipping charges
  • Shipping Times – Shipping can take between 7 and 15 business days.
  • International delivery: International orders are possible.
  • Social presence – There is no presence on social media.
  • PayPal Payment Options – PayPal makes it easy to pay.

Beersme Reviews: The Advantages

  • This website offers unique designs for wedding card boxes.
  • International delivery is possible.
  • This website has HTTPS enabled
  • PayPal is an option.
  • Available for a seven-day return policy
  • The product’s price is very reasonable.

Beersme’s disadvantages

  • This website was created in just 45 days.
  • Trust is below the mark at 2%
  • It is unclear what product specification means.
  • Website user interface is poor.
  • There is no cancellation policy.
  • Social accounts not found
  • No one asks for a return policy.
  • We could not locate any reviews on social media pages.

Check out these customer reviews to see if Beersme is legit.

We could conclude that this store is suspicious due to the fact that it has very few Alexa ranks and products have been deprived of customer reviews. There is no social media account. Beersme has not been reviewed on Trust Pilot.

There is no cancellation policy. Also, the return policy is only for 7 days. Product specifications and images are not properly optimized.

The website offers a unique product with a very affordable price. What good is it if you don’t receive the product after placing your order?

You need to be aware of credit card scams so you can protect your card. You’ll be able see it.


This website has been online for only 45 days and is very low in Alexa rank. This website has not received any social reviews or product recommendations from the trusty website. It has a trust score of 2%. It does not provide a cancellation policy. Based on the information above, it seems unlikely that this policy is trustworthy.

If you have any questions about Alexa Rank, please visit this page:-

You can find out more about PayPal scammers and how to protect your money by clicking here.

We would love to hear your opinion on Please comment below to let us know if Beersme is legit.

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