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Irma Bule Death Video Reddit

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The death of Irmawati dates from the 4th April of the year 2016. Hundreds of people watched her funeral in a stage show. Irma was an Indonesian citizen living in West Karawang, Indonesia. Indonesian by birth, Irma had two kids and two kids – Mawar Putri Andriani as well as Bunga Putri andriani.

Did you have any idea about the controversy surrounding her death? Internet users from America United States are keen to learn more. We’ll find out the details regarding Irma Bule Death Video Reddit.

The death of Irma’s videos available on

In 2016, news of Irma’s passing caused a stir on social media sites, and with, TikTok, and YouTube being among the most popular platforms. Twelve articles related to Irma Bule Death were discovered on

The Reddit pages didn’t include the videos of Irma’s demise. Instead, the news that was trending was used by a variety of unauthentic news websites to attract viewers. Since Telegram is a private messaging platform The existence of the death video of Irma’s is not known.

The death of Irma during the live performance

Irma came from a modest family and earned her money by performing dangdut dancing and singing. Her coworkers said they earned an average of $20 per performance, and $25 for featuring snakes in their show.

Irma performed many”goyang” (snake shake) street and stage shows throughout her life. Thirty-one of her posts addressed the death of Irma However, only a handful of videos of her death were published on Tiktok. Dancing with the snake and letting it move was not a new thing for her.

Unfortunately, on April 4th 2016, in the stage show, Irma was wearing a sky blue colored delicate net skirt. She held the black snake on her hands. By mistake, she fell on the tail cobra. The cobra struck her in the thighs. She sat down in the middle of the platform. Fourty-nine videos about the reviews of the death of Irma were available on YouTube.

The snake-catcher noticed the bite on the snake and provided Irma an anti-venom. However, Irma declined and continued to perform by dancing and singing. In about 45 minutes from the time of the snake’s bit, Irma fell onto the stage and began vomiting. She was taken to the hospital which is where Irma was declared dead.

There are controversies surrounding Irma’s death:

Indonesian police conducted an investigation into the incident. Their findings were kept secret.

The post about Irma’s demise were found in Instagram. Maman Irmawati’s uncle believed that her death was planned as the snake catcher was changed prior to the stage show. It was not the same who Irma was working with. Additionally, the snake was not removed prior to the show.

Additionally, the mother of Eneng, Encum, said that for the stage performance the snake catcher was used to seal the snake’s mouth using tape for ducts. But on April 4 the snake’s mouth was not sealed , as evident by Irma Bule Death Video Reddit.

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It is suggested that Irma was unaware that there was the presence of a deadly cobra on the stage. It is also argued for the fact that Irma was not allowed to refuse the anti-venom. The stage performance showed the negligence of the snake-catcher, the delay in providing first aid, and the hospitalization. In addition, the lack of understanding of security measures, like the failure to de-fange and seal the snake’s mouth, creates the possibility of doubt.

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