As a result, the system receives a visitor photo log. This is helpful in the event of an intruder or unauthorized entry. Ring adds a camera at the door so that occupants will be notified of guests and delivery people in apartments. Auditing who entered the building can be done by looking at the photo log. All residents’ visitors can access this information, which can be stored and retrieved for any previous date. For single-family homes, Ring is intended. Apartments are the ideal setting for an intercom like Swiftlane. It offers features for apartment security like video doorbells, photo compliance audits, and contactless access via your smartphone. Ensure the one you select is appropriate for your property by taking into account a variety of criteria.

There are other factors to think about, including:

  1. What’s your spending plan? 
  2. Which companies have the top brands? 
  3. What hardware would work best in your building? 
  4. What characteristics do you need for your system? 
  5. Requirements of the tenant

What exactly is an intercom system for apartments?

Communication between locals and guests is simple. An apartment’s intercom will make it easy to let visitors, deliveries, and other personnel inside the building when combined with a practical access control system. a two-way communication tool that can be used to allow residents and guests access to the property within an apartment building or small group of buildings. 

What research-backed intercom system is the best?

There will be an intercom that offers a function unmatched by any other product on the marketplace. One of them is Swiftlane Video Intercom. Swiftlane is a Touchless entry using your phone that does all the sophisticated tasks of wired intercom systems without wires. Swiftlane is a wireless intercom system that was developed specifically for mobile devices. It has features like hands-free login based on face identification, tenant call lists, and QR Code unlock.

Swiftlane’s apartment entry system offers a wide range of entry options for residents, visitors, and staff, including:

They can also use the Swiftlane app to enter by just allowing the system to detect their phone in their pocket or bag or by holding it up. 

You can use a keycard or allocated PIN if you prefer a more traditional approach. Like unlocking a phone, residents can enter their homes using facial recognition technology. To open the door using their voice, residents can also utilize the Swiftlane app.

Swiftlane Intercom System Features:

You can even remotely unlock the doors for those who need to walk their dog, go out for a while, or enter for another reason. Instead of hiding a key that might be misplaced or snatched, it is safer for you to let people in securely. Through the Swiftlane digital platform, occupants can register their faces for property access to be recognized by feature extraction. Residents can enter considerably more easily when carrying big objects because they don’t have to worry about losing their keys or fobs. A visitor searches the touchscreen directory for the desired individual using video technology. Even when they aren’t home, the residents are contacted by video or phone before inviting them in. Heightened security is provided by the available photo log of guest behavior.

Swiftlane Benefits:

No landlord or building manager is ever needed on-site, thanks to Swiftlane’s sophisticated video intercom systems. In addition to granting vendors and maintenance staff temporary PIN access, property managers can add or delete tenants from the platform remotely. Unaware that the person who entered immediately behind them did not have the authority to do so, the authorized person entering believes it to be a guest of another renter. To prevent break-ins, Swiftlane detects tailgating and automatically notifies users when this occurs. Because there will be no theft or vandalism, so you can relax and enjoy your day thanks to Swiftlane video intercom .

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