How to Choose the Best ZTNA for your Company 


What is ZTNA?

Enterprise internal attacks have become more frequent in the past two years. 

As remote offices and “bring your own device” (BYOD) become more common, network security incidents such as internal threats have increased significantly.

Therefore, companies emphasizing network security must implement a Zero Trusted Network Access (ZTNA) solution.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a security model that assumes all devices and users are untrusted until proven otherwise. The ZTNA security helps organizations protect:

  • Network from unauthorized access
  • Data breaches
  • Other cybersecurity threats

Choosing the best ZTNA for your company can be a daunting task. 

But by following the steps below, you can make an informed decision.

How to Choose the Best ZTNA Provider?

1. Assess your security needs

Before choosing the best zero-trust network access provider for your company, you must understand your security needs.

It includes identifying:

·        Your network’s vulnerabilities

·        Potential threats

· The types of data you need to protect

For example, suppose you have a high volume of sensitive data, such as personal or financial data. In that case, you will likely need a more robust ZTNA solution that includes encryption and advanced access controls.

On the other hand, if your primary concern is controlling access to your network, a simple ZTNA security that provides strong authentication may suffice.

2.        Determine your budget

ZTNA solutions can vary widely in terms of cost. 

So, it’s essential to determine your budget before you start shopping around. You could narrow your options and focus on solutions within your price range.

Consider the costs associated with the solution’s implementation, maintenance, and upgrades.

3.        Evaluate the features of different ZTNA solutions

Once you clearly understand your security needs and budget, it’s time to evaluate the features of different ZTNA solutions. Look for solutions that provide strong authentication, encryption, and access controls.

Then, consider solutions that integrate with your existing network infrastructure and offer scalability to grow your business.

Look for solutions that allow you to add new users, devices, and applications without disrupting your existing network.

4.        Test the solutions

Before making a final decision, you must test the zero-trust network access provider you are considering. 

You can see how well the solutions work in your environment and ensure they meet your security needs.

Also, testing allows you to evaluate the solution’s ease of use and manageability. You want to be sure that the solution is easy to use and easy to manage so that you can minimize the risk of user error.

5.       Choose a vendor you can trust

Selecting a zero-trust network access provider to work with is crucial. Look for a vendor with a strong reputation and a history of providing reliable and effective security solutions.

Moreover, look for a vendor that offers training, support, and maintenance services. You can ensure that you have the necessary resources to implement, manage and maintain the solution.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a vital security model that can help you protect your network from unauthorized access and data breaches.

The verification procedure of ZTNA is rigorous. 

Every time you log in to a different application, there will be a separate verification step to prevent external attacks from damaging the company’s critical digital assets.

I hope this article helps you choose the right zero-trust network access provider. 

You can contact us if you need further information about the ZTNA solution!

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