How to choose suitable wispy premade fans?


As one of the most popular eyelash extensions today, wispy lashes, also known as Kim K, are always loved by clients. A beautiful set of wispy eyelashes gives an eye-opening impression, requiring the extensions to be gentle and soft. And one of the main secrets is how you choose wispy premade fans, which determines 50% of the success of the new set of lashes.

How to choose suitable wispy premade fans?

Even though wispy lashes have been around for a long time, they never lose the attraction to eyelash extension followers. A perfect set of lashes increases the opening, creates a dramatic look, and makes a difference for users from the crowd. And we often get asked how to get a perfect wispy curl or something like what is the key to making wispy lashes easy. And the answer is wispy premade fans, a factor that seems simple, but it determines half the success of this eyelash extension.

What role do wispy premade fans play in wispy eyelash extensions?

First, new lash techs need to remember that wispy is an eyelash extension style that focuses a lot on increasing the length and thickness of the lashes, it is based on the current lash shape and uses different lengths of lashes to create naturalness. Therefore, choosing the right wispy premade fans will help your work look soft, keep the original eye shape and still overcome the flaws. In addition, you also need to keep in mind that creating openness and impression will be completely different from making the lashes heavy and rough. Eyelashes that are too thick, have the wrong curl, or are too stiff can also make everything out of balance.

Prioritizing the protection of natural eyelashes, wispy premade fans, in addition to beauty, must minimize the irritation. We always recommend you choose wispy premade fans from faux mink lashes since they are super light, super soft, don’t put pressure on the client’s natural lashes, and rarely cause any side effects.

Usually, a set of wispy eyelashes can last from 6 to 8 weeks if clients come to check periodically and take proper care of the process. Therefore, to prolong the time for eyelash extensions, surely wispy premade fans also play a certain role.

Choose the right wispy premade fans.

Before looking into the specs for eyelash extensions, you must not ignore the material of wispy premade fans. It must be a material with the same colour as natural eyelashes, super light, and smooth eyelashes. You should use materials like faux mink lashes, silk lashes, etc. Among them, faux mink lashes are a highly recommended choice these days because it’s cost-effective, low-irritant, long-lasting, and vegan friendly.

Wispy classic:

This type of eyelash extension is quite simple, with a ratio of 1:1. It focuses on lengthening lashes so you can choose from 8-14mm wispy premade fans, C, CC, and sometimes D curl. Since wispy premade fans of this type of eyelash extension require naturalness, it should be faux mink, silk, or synthetic lashes. These materials are lightweight, smooth, and look like natural lashes, so you can rest assured they won’t make the difference between natural and extension lashes.

Wispy volume:

With this type of extension, we must deal with the thickness of the client’s lashes. You should use 3-6 D lash fans to fill in the gaps and increase the thickness. As such, you should also choose wispy premade fans: super light and thin to make lash fans. Therefore you don’t have to worry about problems like the new eyelashes looking heavy or rough.

Wispy hybrid:

Surely you already know this is a combination of classic and volume. Therefore, choosing wispy premade fans also includes elements of the two types of eyelash extensions above. We only have a small note that you should consider the ratio of using classic and volume based on the client’s natural lashes.

Finally, where to buy wispy premade fans?

There are many brands that offer wispy premade fans. The problem is that you need to determine the material and the necessary specs. Choose reputable brands with good after-sales services, exchange and return services. Besides, buying online and participating in the wholesale customer system also helps you save a lot. Many technicians have shared their experiences with the LLBA in recent years. The brand is assessed to provide trendy products with affordable prices and high-quality commitments. You can find out more on their website, Amazon, or beauty forums.

If you need more information about wispy premade fans, let us know! Good luck.

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