How To Check And Inspect Car Tire Condition


Tires are one of the most important components of the car and, for this reason, a lot of attention must be paid to their condition so that our vehicle circulates with the best conditions of safety, comfort and efficiency.

If you want more information related to tires, we recommend you read this article with tips to know the recommended tire pressure for each vehicle, where to find it, how to measure it, etc.

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Why take tires with the right pressure and in good condition?

Many of us think that the brakes are what stop the car, but this is not the case. The brakes act directly on the wheels that, ultimately, are responsible for stopping the car. Having good brakes is not a guarantee of safety, these are complemented by the state of the wheels, if they are in poor condition we can have serious problems with our safety and that of others.

Hence its importance. Having the tires in good condition will mean eliminating possible dangers: they will respond in the best way to braking, even if they are sudden, it will increase adherence to the ground, there will be no punctures and it will behave correctly in any adverse weather situation.

In addition, the tires have a very direct influence on driving comfort: with the right pressure and well balanced, the steering will not vibrate. And neither is the car. When a car tends to go to one side it is precisely because the tire pressure is not adequate or they are not well balanced.

In terms of efficiency and fuel savings, it is also important: if you drive with the correct pressure, the contact surface with the pavement will be ideal and you will avoid higher consumption due to less friction.

Thus, the measurement of pressure is very important. For this reason, all vehicles registered since November 1, 2014 have incorporated the TPMS system (Type Pressure Monitoring System).

What is the TPMS system (Type Pressure Monitoring System) of cars?

In summary, we can say that they are those systems that allow the vehicle, by itself, to measure the pressure of the wheels.

There are two systems and any of them warn us if there is any pressure abnormality in the wheels.

The first is measured by monitoring the speed of rotation of the wheels. When the two tires do not go at the same speed, it means that one has lost pressure and, at that moment, a visual and acoustic alarm goes off, indicating to the driver that the pressure must be checked.

The second system installs sensors inside the wheel that measure pressure and temperature, and sends this data to the control panel so that the driver always has the pressure status in mind.

On older cars, those from before 2014, drivers need to keep an eye on the tire pressure. With today’s cars, it is the car itself that measures the pressure, although it will never hurt to keep an eye on it ourselves.

As a preventive measure, it is advisable to carry a car inflator that has a built-in pressure gauge that we can use to check the pressure of the tires if the pressure system warns us or in any case if we observe that they are somewhat deflated. It is a very simple, low-priced device that can be handled without any effort and can avoid problems both on the highway and in the city.

It should not be forgotten that when in doubt about the condition of the wheels or provisional inflation, the best preventive road safety measure is to take the car to an air point at a gas station or take the car to a vehicle workshop to be checked. by specialized personnel.

In another article that we published a few years ago, we talked about the history of wheels and the future of tires, which is interesting to review to see how progress has been made in this field.

Until our vehicle has a TPMS system, we must check the tires once a month and always before starting a trip. Measuring the pressure should be done with cold tires.

Wearing the tires with the pressure recommended by the manufacturer and with the drawing that indicates that the tire is still in optimal condition is all insurance for us, we will know that they will respond because they grip the asphalt and we will travel with greater peace of mind, without a doubt.

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