How Poker Has Changed Over the Decades


While there are plenty of theories, nobody knows how poker originated, although it is thought Texas hold ’em originated in Mississippi somewhere in the 19th century. Of course, poker is known worldwide, and when anybody mentions poker, one of two images springs to mind. This will be either James Bond in his tuxedo or an old Wild West saloon with a bunch of cowboys all hunched around a single table, cautiously eyeing each other over drinks and a small pile of coins until the inevitable gunfight ensues.

However, we all know that poker has advanced greatly in the many years since then, and there are now many options for people who want to play the many variations of this game. In fact, some players have the luxury of walking around with their very own online casino in the palm of their hand.

Poker through the ages

Depending on where you live, playing poker for real money has not always been legal. While this is still the case in some areas, recent legislation changes have made poker available to more people around the world. Technology has also had its part to play, from the introduction of the first video poker machines right up to the online casinos we seem to take for granted these days.

In addition to this, there is also the more widespread use of the internet, which has bought many services from the high street into people’s homes. These have included cinemas, shopping malls, and of course, online casinos. This has made games like video poker available to play by almost anybody, anywhere, and anytime.

Playing poker at online casinos

This means that online video poker has become a mainstay in online casinos around the world in all its variations. Tournament poker is available, but by far, the most popular format for playing poker online is video poker, where you play against the house. The rise of video poker has increased the player base of games like Texas hold ’em around the world to the point where players are ready for the next innovation in the poker world.

The rise of bitcoin video poker

This has not involved a change in the game rules but has instead utilized the flexibility of cryptocurrency to give players more choices when it comes to funding their accounts and making wagers. This new twist on the traditional game can be found at crypto casinos like, which are forward-thinking and fully embrace this popular new development.

To wrap everything up

Things have come a long way since those smoky saloons to the Old West, and many, if not all, of these steps forward, have been based on either legislation or technology. These developments have made poker available to more people around the world as well, from increasing the game quality from the clunky old video poker machines to the smooth, glitch-free online poker experience you can expect from online casinos. 

More recent developments regarding digital currencies mean you have even more choice and freedom about how you play video poker, whether it happens to be on your cell phone or mobile device or your laptop or desktop computer at home.

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