How Clock-Watching Can Interfere With Quality Sleep

SEven 8 hours of sleep per night is one of the ideal indicators of getting a permanent spot in the daily wellness glossary. Along with 10,000 steps When 8 glasses of water.. But like the latter example, Sleep equation Certainly not all-purpose.And although there is a lot of research to support it brain When Body benefits To get that much sleep every night Disadvantage of shortage), If you focus too much on the numbers, it may actually work Against Your ability to achieve it by inducing the behavior of looking at the clock, or its persistent urge to keep checking the time you are suffering from sleep. In fact, according to sleep experts, the action itself can put the sleep you want out of reach.

“Overall, the quality of sleep for people who check their watches in the middle of the night tends to deteriorate,” says sleep medicine experts. Dr. Carle AlawisSleep Science Advisor Aeroflow sleep.. And it tells you how noble your intentions are, how much you’re trying to calculate the amount of shut eye you’ve managed to get, and how much you can still fit if you fall asleep quickly. This is true regardless of whether you are trying to calculate. “The science of behavioral sleep medicine is The habit of monitoring the clock can increase anxiety before bedtime I’m worried at night, “says Dr. Weiss.

Why watching a watch can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep

Given the A strong link between stress and sleep— More stress can lead to less sleep and (as you can imagine) more stress — it’s easy to see how anxious thoughts caused by watch monitoring affect the cycle. .. Think of it this way. Keeping your watch checked during the night will become more and more cruelly reminding you of the fact that your hopes and dreams for eight hours of sleep can be overwhelmed. And the uneasy feelings that emerge from it (Why can’t I get enough sleep? How will it work tomorrow with little or no sleep?) To bring you a sleepless night.

Needless to say, checking the clock at night tends to mean looking at the lights of the alarm clock or the blue light of the phone. Interferes with the production of melatonin Sleep is also compromised, Dr. Weiss adds.

“We observed people who were overly obsessed with this habit and began to wake up at the same time every night to check their watches.” — Sleep Specialist Carleara Weiss, PhD

Over time, looking at a watch can become a chronic sleep-disturbing habit, according to Dr. Weiss. “We observed people who were overly obsessed with this habit and began to wake up at the same time every night to check their watches,” she says. Conversely, clock surveillance can also manifest itself as a side effect of larger existing sleep problems. “Patients with obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep-affecting health conditions can also feel anxious. [over not getting enough sleep] Develop a clock monitoring operation. From there, watch monitoring can help exacerbate the problems you already had when getting enough zzz.

In any case, keeping an eye on the time you’re trying to fall asleep is whether you’re managing chronic insomnia or overnight restlessness. , Is one of the best habits for you to rest. To get rid of the temptation, Dr. Weiss suggests covering your watch or phone, pointing it towards the wall, or even getting it out of your bedroom (that is, if there is another reliable way to wake up on time in the morning. ).

From there, if you’re having trouble falling asleep, trade your watch-watching behavior for relaxation techniques. Guided sleep meditation, 4-7-8 Breathing method,or Practicing stop thinking To reverse the vortex of anxious pre-sleep thoughts. “If you find yourself awake for more than a few minutes, consider getting out of bed and practicing relaxation techniques in your chair,” says Dr. Weiss. (After all, you can actually be in bed when you can’t sleep Adjust your brain to consider the bed as a place of insomnia Instead of resting. Remember to keep the lights dimmed when you get out of bed or move to another room to maintain the mode in which melatonin flows and your body and brain fall asleep.

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