How can I learn forex from youtube? 


Gone are the days when forex was an alien term. Today, With a trading volume of 53 times more than the NYSE (Newyork stock exchange), forex is one of the worlds leadest online trade markets. However, you need to obtain substantial knowledge to excel in the field. , 

On the other hand, youtube is the biggest video-sharing site, famous for its tutorials. So, what happens when you collaborate with both tools, forex and youtube? Well, introduce yourself to the most fantastic teacher who can help you make it big in the least possible time frame. So, keep on reading, and the forthcoming content will teach you about everything you can consider to learn forex trading from youtube. So, without wasting time any further, let’s start.

A guide to foreign exchange trade from youtube 

The upcoming content is divided into several pieces to ensure your complete understanding. Please have a look. 

Follow the correct channel. 

The first and foremost thing you must do is subscribe to a proper channel. There are millions and billions of channels available for this purpose. However, remember that forex is a very delicate niche. Hence it is crucial to get renowned options. 

So, search for forex YouTubers with maximum subscribers and consider reading reviews underneath the video. This will give you a clear insight if the particular content creator is worthy of your time or not.

Search separately 

Try to find as much shun jargon of forex as you can through google or any other browser such as leverage, pips, lot size, etc. now, watch videos on each topic separately. 

Doing this will help you penetrate deep into the information that can benefit you in the long run.

Stay updated

Foreign exchange trade is one of the fast-changing business niches. Various components, such as stock exchanges, have a profound impact, causing it to fluctuate constantly. Hence it becomes crucial for a new trade to stay updated on time.

So, Do not forget to turn on the bell icon once you have subscribed to a channel. The feature will notify you whenever the content creator posts anything new on their channel.

Top youtube channels to learn forex trade 

Rayner Teo

Rayner Teo is a successful forex trader and blogger who owns a youtube channel with his name. Being one of the most famous forex traders in Singapore, this trader obtains more than 75000 readers on his blog. 

The youtube channel is full of technological videos and forex strategies you can use to become a successful forex trader in no time. 

Hannah forex

It is a youtube channel owned by a girl: Hannah. She posts videos about her successful forex journey and discusses all hurdles she has encountered in between. Hence if you are a new trader struggling with day-to-day hurdles, this channel is no less than a goldmine for you. 

Adam Khoo 

Based in Singapore, Adam Khoo is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and businessman who has invested successfully in the forex industry. He owns over 800 thousand subscribers on his youtube channel, where he posts diverse content about foreign exchange. 

Adam is a self-made billionaire at the age of 26. Hence for younger people, this channel is the most excellent match for you on earth. The man is not only a teacher but also a mentor who tries to answer top queries in the comment sections to make things easier for all his viewers.

The inner circle trader 

Also known as ICT, this forex youtube channel is owned by a man named Michael Huddleston. You will find a wide variety of content on this channel covering crucial topics such as strategies, policies, daily stock exchange updates, forex updates, and the list. 

Michael Huddleston also discusses his forex journey on his channel, inspiring millions of other people to step into the niche. 

The bottom line

Forex trading is a profitable industry to be in. However, you must obtain proper knowledge before digging in from a trustable source such as youtube. The above content discusses some steps you can take for the purpose. Nevertheless, make sure to get collaborated with an efficient brokerage house such as quicktrade for best results. 

Plus, some efficient youtube channels are mentioned to help you start your career as a trader. So d check them out.

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