Honey, I shrunk the Mac: Enthusiast makes the Mac mini more mini

Mac mini mod on top of the original macmiin
expansion / / A Mac Mini mod on top of the original Mac Mini.

The 7.7 x 7.7 x 1.4 inch Mac mini is a small desktop. When Form Factor debuted in 2010, it was pretty impressive. But 12 years later Intel NUC The 4.6 x 4.4 x 1.5 inch Mac mini no longer feels it all.

After all, the PC is packed with extra luggage, and by removing some of the parts such as the extremely powerful internal power supply unit (PSU), enthusiasts can rebuild the system, reducing 28%. .. A volume that is said to maintain the same performance as the original machine.

YouTube channel Snazzy Labs The miniature Mac mini mod “Mac mini has been changed to ACTUALLY mini!“Tuesday. The idea is M1-based Mac miniReliance on older designs built around Intel chips that consume more power. Part of that design included a big fan. Snazzy Labs has removed the blower fan. With the fanless M1’s performance, there’s no doubt that the fanless Mac mini will work. Macbook Air Laptop.

By removing this fan, we were able to reduce the installation area.
expansion / / By removing this fan, we were able to reduce the installation area.

The current Mac mini also uses an internal PSU that exceeds 150W. Snazzy Labs has found that computers can reach their maximum at 67.5W, even if all ports reach their limits. Prior to moving to Apple’s M1 silicon, the company offered a Mac mini with an Intel Core i7 chip with 70 WTDP.

150W power supply.
expansion / / 150W power supply.

Snazzy Labs has rebuilt the Mac mini to use an external power brick, allowing the chassis footprint to be further reduced. The new power supply is actually a 65W Microsoft Surface power supply combined with the 2015 MacBook Pro’s Apple MagSafe 2 board. The board can support up to 87W and ends with a MagSafe 2 connector.

External power supply.
expansion / / External power supply.

“We can’t use the official Apple adapter because it’s established,” says Snazzy Labs.[es] Do a fairly elaborate handshake with your real MacBook before you start charging. Enthusiastic fans argued that the fix was “very safe” because “the Microsoft Surface charger has its own features.” If the pin is shorted, the charger will operate. According to Snazzy Labs, it’s about protecting internal circuits.

Snazzy Labs also unscrewed the Mac mini’s three wireless antennas, used a soldering iron to unplug the plastic welded power button, and then unplugged the ribbon cable. This allowed the PC to throw away its wider I / O shield for the trimmer 3D print design.

According to Snazzy Labs, the mini Mac mini is a “benchmark just like the original,” as long as it uses an integrated heat spreader and heatsink. According to Snazzy Labs, small PCs are also “completely silent”.

Snazzy Labs Share CAD Files for Projects online.. If you want to see someone else doing the job, here’s a video from Snazzy Labs.

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