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HiperDino, the main chain in the food area in the Canary Islands and the just 100 percent Canarian provincial chain, starts its Commemoration crusade , one of the most unique activities of the year, and with which it needs to thank its clients for the trust put in them at an opportunity to make your buy.

The mission will run between September 26 and October 24 under the motto Sabor a Canarias in the HiperDino and SuperDino stores and on the web-based channel hiperdino.es. 180,000 direct awards will be circulated and five week by week draws will be held. Furthermore, the great last award will comprise of ten awards of 2,500 euros to purchase in their stores.

The current year’s awards will comprise of 180,000 direct awards, for example, the Father Dino wine tool; pack of three Dad Dino wipes; versatile cutlery set; reusing sacks; reversible Smaller than usual Dinos rich toys; planner raffia sacks, and bp shock gift .

In equal, five draws will be held every week, one for every island where the chain has a presence. Among these awards , five rewards of 2,500 euros will be wagered to partake in an excursion; five awards of 1,000 euros to refuel at bp administration stations; five loads of SMEG machines and 1,000 euros for buys at HiperDino, and five bunches of practical versatility, comprising of a collapsing bike, an electric bike and a head protector .

The terrific last draw will grant ten awards of 2,500 euros to purchase in their stores.

Every one of the draws will be done before a legal official public and the chain will contact the victors by phone.

For each 30 euros of procurement, every client will get an envelope with which they can win large number of direct awards and, also, assuming they purchase at least ten things set apart with the Open and win! logo, they will get an additional envelope.

Whether or not or not you have won a by and large award, you will be qualified to enter your preferred week after week draw and be qualified for the great last award.

To know the guidelines and take part in the various challenges, the client who wishes can enter the HiperDino commemoration site and complete their information.

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