Google debuts Android 13 with its first developer preview


The first developer preview of Android 13 has just been released and provides some interesting tips on Google’s focus on this year’s major mobile OS update. The new function It includes upgraded theme options and privacy features, new language controls and, of course, lots of backend updates. Since these initial previews are aimed at developers, not end users, we recommend that you defer the upgrade until the software is more complete.

rear Android 12 focus With a customizable theme for materials, Android 13 extends dynamic app icons to all apps, not just Google. With the theme icon feature, as long as the app developer provides a compatible solid color app icon, the app icon will be a shade that complements the wallpaper. This feature first appears on Pixel devices, but Google says it’s working with other manufacturers to release it more widely.

Animated GIF with the theme icon and dark mode icon turned on.

Theme icons can make a big difference in the beauty of your home screen.
GIF: Google

There are also tweaks to how Android handles permissions and security. The new photo picker allows users to share photos and videos with individual apps without the app requiring permission to view all the photos on the device. Google will eventually introduce this feature to all phones running Android 11 and above.

Animated GIF of photo picker for Android 13.

The photo picker provided by the system is aimed at protecting privacy and, of course, has a theme.
GIF: Google

Of course, much is done internally in this new developer preview, with changes that are likely to be less noticeable in everyday use. For example, the new Wi-Fi permissions allow apps to detect and connect to Wi-Fi points without the need for location permissions, and language settings can be set on a per-app basis (multilingual users). Convenient for).Google also says it keeps investing in it Project Mainline Initiative Deliver more updates via Google Play instead of OS level.

Google says it will release a developer preview of Android 13 from February to March and will move to beta release around April. Android 13 is expected to stabilize by June or July, prior to its official release later this year. Hopefully this year’s update will go smoother than Android 12. Suffering from stability issues On many devices.

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