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Cryptocurrencies appeared a long time ago – approximately in the early 2000s. But then, apart from the creators and a rare circle of enthusiasts, no one knew anything about them. The real boom in this area happened in 2017 when the whole world suddenly heard such a word as Bitcoin. Suddenly it turned out that some virtual coin is of great value and can be an excellent chance for millions of people to earn, invest, and store money without paying colossal interest to banks, being completely hidden from the tax system of their country.

Bitcoin blew up the world of finance and aroused the great interest of millions, if not billions of people, and became the reason for in-depth analysis by the best financial experts in the world. Many intelligent people who have distinguished themselves by “easiness to climb” concerning new technology have been able to earn simply millions of dollars. Now the topic of cryptocurrency has again gone to the periphery of public attention, but it will shoot again in the future. Cryptocurrency is a haven where intelligent people can make money away from prying eyes.

Cryptocurrency exchanger Godex – what does it offer

If you work with digital money, exchanging dai vs usdt on Godex.io will be handy for you. An investor in this area should be able to quickly transfer money from one coin or currency to another since the success of his actions and profits depend on this. There are not so many crypto exchangers now; most of them are not the most perfect. The Godex service has a lot of advantages and makes it easy to work with a variety of money on the condition of complete anonymity!

Are you interested in the exchange rate of monero to bitcoin, the opportunity to sell the cue ball and buy ether? Godex makes it as easy as possible! Here are just some of the options that the exchanger opens up for its users:

  • Tracking the value of popular coins. In real time you can see not only the price of BTC but also ETH, ETN, and dozens of other standard and good coins. There is also an indicator of price changes for a day, by which you can understand current trends;
  • The site has a convenient indicator of the ratio of the price of pairs of coins, for example, tusd vs usdc. Based on the price, you can decide what is better to buy now and where to invest money;
  • The site lets you track the best cryptocurrency rates on Binance, Bitfinex, HITBtc, and others. With up-to-date information, you will always make the right decisions regarding your investments.

Affiliate program of the Godex exchanger

The terms of the affiliate program are attractive. There are 2 levels – for personal use and business. There is a welcome bonus of 500,000 Satoshi and up to 0.6% payout on commissions from referred clients. To work in the Godex.io affiliate program, you must:

  • Register.
  • Make an account with a username and password.
  • Optionally, you can add an email and use 2FA from Google Authenticator.

Cooperation at the Business level involves a wide range of earnings – from embedding widgets and buttons on a partner site to creating an exchange branch using the Whitelabel API.


The Godex exchange is the place that can bring a lot of benefits to every cryptocurrency investor. It can be argued that anonymous exchange services without specifying personal data have good prospects. Controllers are making more and more steps to maintain the owners of crypto. Crypto exchanges require verification and KYC. Therefore, people who manage legitimately obtained cryptocurrencies will increasingly need fast, reliable, and anonymous conversion services, as intended by the creator of Bitcoin.

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