Getting the best from your wide format printer – what you need to know


Owning a wide-format printer has plenty of benefits that can set you apart from other companies that offer printing services. You can produce banners and signage that are likely to be popular with companies that mix ‘old school’ marketing techniques with online advertising and provide a cheap solution for those holding an event during the summer of the holiday season.

In short, a wide-format printer can be pivotal to the success of your printing business, so if you are thinking about investing in one, you will want to know everything you possibly can about getting the best from this asset. 

Make sure you buy a high-quality unit

You probably applied this rule to all of the other pieces of machinery in your business, and this one should be no different. By investing in quality from somewhere like Soyang Europe right at the start, you will likely be cutting down on expenses in the future. Buying poor quality items on the cheap can be a false economy, as you constantly have to repair or replace what you have just bought in. If you buy poor quality, you will quickly arrive at a point where that is all you can afford.

In addition, when you approach clients, telling them you have invested in a high-quality wide format printer will show them you mean business and will give them more confidence when awarding you any ad-hoc jobs or long-term contracts.

Set up a maintenance program 

A large format printer is a great asset to have, so you need to keep it working well. You will have already taken steps towards this goal by buying a quality unit, but you will also need to set up a maintenance program from day one. Sarkari Result As you have just spent out for the printer, you might want to just get it running, so it starts to pay for itself, but you should not neglect to do recommended daily checks and check for other factors like dust and humidity.

You should also schedule regular visits from a professional servicing team, who can ensure everything is working correctly and replace any parts that are liable to cause you unplanned downtime in the near future. This means that the machine is only offline when you plan and not when you are in the middle of a time-sensitive order for one of your biggest clients.

Order the right consumables

You might have a top-of-the-range, well-maintained printer, but if you are using poor-quality materials, you will get sub-standard results. This will affect the quality of the work you do, potentially have you generating more waste and affecting your ability to deliver products on time to your customer. As with buying a poor-quality printer in the first place, this does not save you money in the long run.

To wrap things up

Buying a large format printer can be a big investment, so you want to ensure you get the best from it. It can boost your business by allowing you to offer more services, but only if you purchase a quality unit and use the right inks. You also need to start a maintenance program from day one to protect your investment and keep turning a profit from your latest acquisition.

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