First Impressions Count: How to Prepare Your Property’s Exterior for Viewings


First impressions matter when selling your home. If it features chipped paint, an overgrown lawn, or a dirty patio, a prospective buyer will not feel eager to step inside the property.

It is crucial to showcase your house in the best possible light, and this should start with its façade, roof, and garden. By doing so, you could receive the best possible price for your home and sell it at a faster rate.

Give your house the wow factor and learn how to prepare your property’s exterior for viewings.

Start by Decluttering the Property

Decluttering the exterior is a good place to kickstart sprucing up your exterior. Walk through your garden and remove trash, loose items, and garden tools. 

It will prove you are houseproud, which will provide a prospective buyer with confidence that the inside is just as clean and tidy. 

It’s a free, quick way to improve your garden’s appearance and could be the difference between a buyer making you an offer or resuming the property search.

Repair or Clean Your Roof

Next, turn your attention to your roof. If it appears dirty, has missing shingles, or has major cracks, you can trust a potential buyer will notice. 

You might not have thought twice about the roof, but you can trust they will scrutinize the property before placing an offer. 

Also, they might experience an unwanted chill or notice water damage when exploring your home.

For this reason, you must contact roofing contractors to repair or clean the roof before placing the property on the market.

Make Repairs

Guaranteed house hunters will notice small issues inside and outside your home. For this reason, you must make essential repairs to your property.

For example, you might need to make the following repairs to your exterior:

Add a Burst of Color

Once you have banished issues from your exterior, you can focus on making the property pop on the street. 

For example, if you have a lawn, you must strive to grow healthy grass free from unwanted weeds and patches. 

Add pops of color by planting attractive flower beds, plant pots, hedges, or floral baskets, to name a few options.

Also, consider repainting your front door in a vibrant color to ensure it stands out against your interior, which could draw prospective buyers to your home. 

Keep Your Garden Well-Maintained

Once you have ticked off the above actions, the key is to stay on top of its visual appeal. 

For example, you must continue to trim your lawn, remove weeds, tend to hedges, and water flowers and plants to help them bloom.

Also, browse your property’s exterior before each viewing to identify any potential maintenance issues, such as cobwebs hanging from a porch or trash that has blown into your garden.

It takes five minutes to eliminate mistakes to create an attractive, welcoming property that makes buyers feel excited to enter.

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