First-ever scan of a dying human brain reveals life may actually ‘flash before your eyes’


Scientists recently captured the first scan of the dying human brain when an elderly patient died suddenly during the scan. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Scientists mistakenly collected their own data on his activities after an elderly patient died suddenly during a routine examination brain At the end of his life: 30 seconds before and after the man’s heart stopped, his brain waves were very similar to what he saw while dreaming, memory Remember and meditate. This suggests that when people die, they may actually see their life “blinking in front of them.”

The phenomenon of regenerating past memories when you die has been reported by some people who have had near-death experiences. But this is the first scientific evidence that this “flash” may be genuine. However, since this is the only case study, it is impossible to make any further assumptions about how common the phenomenon is or what the experience is.

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