Final List Presidential Candidates Election Begins

Final List Presidential Candidates
Final List Presidential Candidates

Do you want to know when the Final List of Presidential Candidates will be released? Go through the article and look up all the details of the coming elections.

Are you interested in knowing the most recent developments in the presidential elections that will be held on the 9th of May in 2022? Are you interested in knowing the names of candidates who are nominated for the forthcoming elections? Keep your eyes on the article today that reveals all the details of the presidential elections taking place in the Philippines.

This Friday i.e. the 7th of October the window for candidates was shut. What are the candidates on the Final List of Presidential Candidates? Let’s look into the answer!

What’s the most recent information about the presidential election?

The filing and the documents were filed today, the hopefuls are now all set to compete for the presidency. It will be exciting to discover who is the person to succeed Rodrigo Duterte. Human rights record is the reason why people are showing a keen curiosity about the next president who will succeed him.

Furthermore, it has been noticed that the amount of voters who have registered this year is such that the dates for registrations have been extended to the 30th of October.

Final List of Presidential Candidates – Who’s running?

The total of 50 candidates have registered their names, of which there’s an opportunity to eliminate some of them, as per the instructions of the commission for elections. The final list is scheduled to be announced on the 30th November 2021. This will include all the undesirable candidates.

The main contenders that are likely to be involved in the race include –

  • Panfilo Lacson – A former police chief
  • Ferdinand Marcos JR – A former senator
  • Francisco Isko Moreno Domagaso – The Mayor of the city
  • Manny Pacquiao – A boxer
  • Ronald Dela Rosa – A senator
  • Leni Robredo – Current vice president
  • Sara Duterte Carpio – She is technically not in the list of candidates.

From the final list of presidential candidates, it can be observed that the presidential candidates are in a position of power and that the next elections will be a huge fight between them.

Could Sara Duterte be a part of the election?

This is among the most important questions that are being watched by everyone. As she hasn’t yet declared her identity yet, she’s not listed as of yet. If Sara declares her name and is successful, her primary objective will be to preserve her family’s authority and protect her father. It is not certain which party she’ll be in.

Which are coming events?

  • The Final Presidential Candidate will be released before the 30th of November.
  • A tentative list of potential candidates will be announced on October 29th.
  • The campaign will run from February 8th to 7th May 2022.

Therefore, the time of voting will run at 9 January 2022 until the 8th of June in 2022. Additionally, the long listing of registered potential candidates for the elections of 2022 has led to the massive participation of the population.


In conclusion we discussed the possibility that the coming elections could be the most important occasion in which a variety of credible candidates will compete for the presidency. But the Final List of Presidential Candidates release will reveal some interesting facts for the public.

What do you think of the candidates selected as principal candidates? Discuss it.

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