Filepurusuit .Com Is This Site Legit Or Online Scam?

Filepurusuit .Com

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As more countries worldwide have internet access, the concept of domain investing is slowly growing. It is easier to identify websites that are popular or have the content that appeals to more customers if you are a domain registry. is one example of such a website.

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About, a website that is young and registered for domain investment. It is a domain park whose URL can be sold in the future to make a profit. Filepurusuit has a URL that is similar to FilePursuit. This domain helps search and index files online.

Filepurusuit, a search engine currently offering content only from its sponsors, is available. Filepurusuit offers sponsored links for:

  1. Litigation,
  2. Fashion for Women
  3. Hotels.

If your browser has an active ad blocker, the Filepurusuit’s content will not be visible. The Filepurusuit Website earns income based upon the number of visitors and clicked links. Bodis offers smart domain monetization. Filepurusuit is managed by Bodis to maximize its revenues.

Bodis credits the investor’s account with the revenue seven days after the month began. Filepurusuit redirects viewers to This site hosts a variety of sponsored women’s fashion sites and holiday suites that provide information about fashion, litigation and hotels.’s legitimacy: was established in Delaware, USA on 24 November 2022. It is 1 month, 18 days old. It has a very short life expectancy and will expire on 24 November 2023. has a trust score of 1%, 14.9% business rank, a 4,757 5,48 Alexa score and a 1/100 domain authority. It also shows 43% phishing and 30% spam, 22% suspicion and 79% threat-and malware scores.

Filepurusuit has not been blacklisted. It uses a secure HTTPS protocol that includes an effective SSL certificate for IP This certificate is valid for the next 41 day.

The features:

Filepurusuit can be viewed on a single page. It didn’t include terms of use, cookie policies or contact information for customer service. The Above_Privacy organization uses paid services to hide the identity and contact information of its owners.

Social media Links: is not available on social media. Below are some links to Bodis you might be interested in.

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  • LinkedIn

Conclusion: can be used as a domain parking. It has a URL that is similar to FilePursuit. Filepurusuit currently scores low in trust, suspicion, business, Alexa and suspicion as well as DA scores. appears to be a fraud. will continue to improve its scores. It is not recommended to be accessed at the moment due to its high threat profile and malware.

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