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Filepursute, a domain parking website, is accessible in India., a popular website and Android application, is well-known. Filepursute uses similar URLs and spellings to increase viewer count. What is the website about? What is domain parking? What are the main features of Filepursute

This Filepursute.comreview will answer all your questions.

About Filepursute:

Filepursute is a domain-parking website that also acts as a search engine. It has default search results for the following:

  1. Battleship Potemkin
  2. Poltergeist,
  3. Road to Bali
  4. Twin Dragons
  5. They say.

Search criteria for users are not permitted. Instead, all three topics redirect the users to,,, and

These websites offer news and knowledge-based articles. Filepursute links may have been clicked, but users must re-enter search terms on the four websites listed earlier. However, and use a less secure HTTP protocol.

Because they only have a limited number of topics, the four websites might not provide accurate results. Website Review from Filepursute indicates that it uses these websites’ services as they might sponsor Filepursute’s content. Filepursute is a URL that was registered for the purpose of selling the website when it gets older and has more viewers.

Website’s age and viewer counts are important factors in increasing its ranking on the internet. Filepursute could be sold at a higher price in the future to make a profit.

Uncertain if Filepursute will offer future services. It does provide links to mythical topics that can be used to verify if Filepursute Legit, or Scam.

Filepursute URL is similar in appearance to This search engine allows users to find documentation in ‘.pdf format that is related to their topics.

Filepursute’s legitimacy:

Filepursute was registered one day ago in California, USA on 27-December-2022. Filepursute expires in 364 days, on 27-December-2023.

Its business ranking, spam score, threat, malware and phishing scores, as well as its suspicion scores, are not available due to its recent creation. Filepursute has a horrible trust score of 1%, a 1/100 domain authority and an unremarkable Alexa ranking.

Filepursute isn’t blacklisted, but uses a less secure HTTP protocol. IP also has an SSL certificate that is valid for the next 89-days. Its SSL certificate cannot be trusted by all internet browsers. Filepursute’s server hosts a number of suspicious websites.

Filepursute’s privacy policy refers to Skenzo Ltd which is involved in website traffic monetization.

Social media Links: Filepursute does not exist on social media.


Filepursute is not a legitimate website due to its poor trust, DA, Alexa rank and bad reputation. In a few weeks, the business ranking, spam and threat scores, malware, phishing, suspicion scores, and malware score will all be available. Filepursutewill improve its trust and Alexa rank over time. Filepursute has no user reviews on social media, YouTube or anywhere else on the internet.

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