Fidelcrest Review: Each detail needs to start trading on Fidelcrest


The Fidelcrest Group of Companies established the prop trading company Fidelcrest in 2018. Many forexes’ traders & trading experts with vast brokerage expertise are housed there. More than 6,000 traders from more than 170 nations are affiliated with Fidelcrest LLC.

The prop firm serves both seasoned traders and people who are progressively expanding their holdings. The lowest funding choice is $5,000, making it reasonably easy for beginning traders to get started. One of the largest profit-sharing splits in the market, Fidelcrest traders can earn 80% of profits through its Aggressive Accounts. Fidelcrest offers a variety of account options, including a challenge account, a professional account, and a demo account that allows traders to hone their skills without taking any risks.

Where Exactly Is Fidelcrest?

The prop company has offices in Budapest and a Cyprus-based main office. You can check all details in fidelcrest review.

Is it real?

Fidelcrest is a reliable prop company that collaborates with thousands of investors worldwide. It’s a particularly reliable company for FX trading. To assure the legitimacy of every trader using the platform, the company employs a stringent validation process.

The exchange of sensitive information on this or any prop trading platform must be done with the utmost discretion, even though Fidelcrest complies with all industry-standard regulations.

Fidelcrest, is it governed?

Since Fidelcrest LLC does not act as a broker, it never holds or trades money. As a result, it does not require regulation. However, the FCA regulates all the main brokers associated with Fidelcrest.

Accounts funded by Fidelcrest

Any one of the 13 account that Fidelcrest offers, which span different risk levels and investments, is up for grabs. Leveraged trading or access to more than 1,000 financial products were available on each of the financed accounts. Small investors can use Micro (Micro Trader) accounts, which offer up to $25,000 in financing, to practise and test their risk management techniques. For larger investors, there is also the Pro (Pro Trader) programme, which provides up to $500,000 in capital.

Additionally, you can trade using up to seven reputable brokers and a variety of platforms like cTrader, MetaTrader 4, & MetaTrader 5. At the conclusion of each 30-day trading session, you can also change brokers and platforms right away.

Who May Open a Funded Account with Fidelcrest?

Both novice and seasoned traders from throughout the world can open funded Fidelcrest accounts with the company.

But you won’t be able to start profiting from Fidelcrest until you’ve finished the Trader Challenge and indeed the verification procedure. To receive profits from trades, you’ll also need to sign a contract with the Forex prop firms. Fidelcrest only imposes limitations on trading machines and expert advisors. Rather than depending on automation, prop trading organizations typically look for traders that buy and sell based their own analysis.

If you can show that employing EAs or trading profits unlock your profitability, you might be given an exception. Additionally, you are not allowed to trade on Fidelcrest if either copy trade, which is against risk management guidelines, or let a third party to trade on your account.

How Can I Get My Trading Account Funded?

You must successfully complete a thorough verification process to show that you can regularly fulfil monthly earnings targets before you can use Fidelcrest.

Platforms for Trading Available

  • Three platforms are available for you to choose from, as was previously indicated.
  • Users can choose between cTrader, MetaTrader 4, & MetaTrader 5.
  • Depending on the brokerage you use, you can choose a different trading platform.

Analytics for Accounts and Automated Monitoring

You may easily track trading goals and progress using Fidelcrest’s account statistics and automated monitoring thanks to the company’s proprietary software. Every important account metric is available in the Trading Area, or each account is continuously watched every day, round-the-clock.

Fidelcrest Retractions

Fidelcrest withdrawals are easy and surprisingly rapid.

This is how it goes.

  • Profits will be transferred to your wallet at the end of your 30-day trading period.
  • After that, all you must do is request a withdrawal, and your money will be sent to you within three business days.
  • This is a welcome change of pace because many businesses require up to 7 days to process a withdrawal request.
  • You can withdraw money every two months if you’ve a Pro Trading Account, which is a nice bonus.
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