Everything You Would Want to Learn About Breast Lift


A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, involves surgery to reshape and raise sagging breasts. The process can also decrease the size of the areola and the dark skin surrounding the nipple. Doctors usually perform this procedure with breast augmentation or implants to create a more prominent, fuller appearance. They can use either saline or silicone gel implants. During the course, the surgeon can apply local or general anesthesia. The treatment can take about two hours to complete. Recovery time is typically two to three weeks, during which you must wear a supportive garment. If you want to go for a breast lift, you have to meet a certified plastic surgeon. They can answer any queries and help you decide if the procedure is correct for you.

When should you choose a breast lift procedure?

Think about your overall goals for your appearance. If you wish to get a more youthful look or improve your breasts’ overall shape and contour, this surgery may be right for you. Additionally, consider your current breast size and shape. If you are unhappy about its appearance, you can benefit from a breast lift to improve the features. According to experts, anyone who is active and participates in different physical activities can be a good candidate for this surgery. Usually, women decide to go for this treatment for the following factors:

Nipple position

Nipples can change their position due to several factors, such as weight loss, pregnancy, and nursing. If the nipples are not in the proper place, it can be difficult to wear certain types of clothing or to feel confident in your appearance. However, with the breast lift, you can fix this issue.


Fuller and rounder breasts look beautiful, but sudden weight loss can impact their appearance. These can look small or flat. Then, factors like breastfeeding, aging, and pregnancy can also affect their beauty, making them appear deflated. Plastic surgeons can fix this issue by offering breast implant techniques. It can add volume to your chest, giving it a perfect shape. 

Risks associated with a breast lift

Knowing the risks of a breast lift procedure is a must. A patient can experience bleeding, infection, scarring, and changes in sensation. Bleeding is the most common complication, but one can control it with pressure dressings. If one gets an infection, doctors can prescribe antibiotics. Scarring can be an inevitable part of any surgery, but proper wound care can take care of this. Sensitivity changes are usually temporary, with very few cases facing it permanently. Overall, the risks of this surgery are relatively low. Still, it is better to discuss with your surgeon everything before proceeding.

When you talk to your plastic surgeon, you also want to know how to prepare for this procedure. Usually, doctors ask patients to stop or quit smoking before going for it. Smoking can interfere with one’s healing process after the surgery. Also, the person has to take care of their weight for at least a year to avoid affecting the surgical incisions. And of course, the choice of doctor has to be reliable. Get your treatment only from a certified surgeon.

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