‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Review


In 2016 Swiss army manGonzo auteur duo Daniel Kwan When Daniel Scheinert By casting Daniel Radcliffe as a flatulence corpse, he actively bid for cult immortality. He was so gaseous that he could double as a disassembling jet ski.Therefore, one of the character’s triggers to jump between parallel universes is Anywhere at once Leap and pierce the jumbo butt plug. To be precise, this month’s Employee Award for the Internal Revenue Service is undoubtedly shaped like a sex toy and doesn’t compromise the lightness of the gag.

Even if not faithful to the title, this enthusiastically plotted Stoner Heaven serve is insanely imaginative and often very enjoyable. However, if it takes more than 2 hours, it will be mercilessly troublesome. Some chaotic overload of excessivism seems to be peculiar to the rippling movie of the Multiverse with violent threats, but the non-stop turmoil of the crazy invention here sacrifices control. To.

Anywhere at once


The truth of advertising.

release date: Friday, March 25
venue: SXSW Film Festival (Opening Night)
cast: Michelle YeohStephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong, Jamie Lee CurtisTally Medell, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr.
Director-Screenwriter: Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

Rated R, 2 hours 19 minutes

Massive martial arts action is reminiscent of Jet Li’s multiverse vehicle, ThatFeeled like an already common impersonator matrix.. Everywhere Is clever and original, but the non-bindingness dulls the underlying pain of the mother who is learning to listen to the needs of her family, eventually like a hollow flashiness. I can see it. The intimate angle of the story is virtually choking.

Nevertheless, this should be a violent opening night entry at the SXSW Film Festival. A24 The release (created by the Russo Brothers) has a winning card in Michelle Yeoh’s game lead performance as Evelyn Wang, a crazy Chinese-American owner of a laundromat drowning in IRS audit documents. increase.

Evelyn is busy collecting receipts and preparing for her older father (James Hong)’s birthday party, so her mild-mannered husband Weymond (Kefikuan) can’t discuss the divorce. And her daughter Joy (Stephanie Sue) is rocking the boat, claiming to take her girlfriend Becky (Tally Medell) to the celebration. Evelyn can hardly admit her daughter’s sexuality about Joy’s decision to drop out of college, but instead says she’s fat.

On his way to a meeting with hard-bitten IRS caseworker Deirdre Beaubeirdra (interesting and unattractive Jamie Lee Curtis), Waymond hits Evelyn with a headset, threatening the fate of all the world in the endless multiverse. Let her know that she is on the verge. Only she can save them. Despite the confusing effects of seeing her entire life unfolding fast, Evelyn talks about nonsense until she witnesses Waymond defeating all the IRS security staff in a funny pack. I think that there.

In her attention, he explains that a malicious, all-seeing, anarchy agent named Job Tupaki is threatening destruction. Therefore, Evelyn needs to master the art of “Birth Jump” to correct past mistakes and regain balance.

Almost everyone from her mundane reality is multiverse, usually as enemies, from the perverted Banshee Mode Deirdre to the rude laundromat customer (Jenny Slate) whose lap dog is reused as a weapon. Resurface elsewhere in the universe. The biggest conflict for Evelyn lies in her discovery that Jobu Tupaki is actually a person very close to her. Its terrifying strength may be underpinned by a simple longing to be understood across generations.

With the valuable support of production designer Jason Kisvalday and costume Shirley Clata, Evelyn is a fascinating Hong Kong movie star who attends the premiere of herself, a master chef with virtuoso knife skills, and a Peking Opera star. , Kung Fu’s disciple, Pinata, and even perceptual rocks in the desert landscape. The Alpha Bath version of Waymond, on the other hand, is in the Control RV along with other Alpha Officers, monitors actions and provides verse jump cues.

Everything is a random rearrangement of particles, forming a different reality. This is described by Tupaki Jobu as a bagel with all the toppings she controls. In one dimension, everyone has a finger wiener. In another example, a police truncheon turns into a floppy dildo. Then … is there anyone with a raccoon sitting on their head?It ’s like Tarsem Singh. cell Often young, but with a good sense of humor.

DPLarkin Seiple, editor Paul Rogers, and Los Angeles band Son Lux, who composed the eclectic score, deserve praise for keeping pace with the film’s commitment to visceral overstimulation and a genre-changing approach. To do.

The same is true for Yeoh, who bounces back and forth from fragile ones, exhausting and commanding violently.She especially has strong support from Goonies Welcome to your favorite Quan, the big screen return, and fun Sue. Fans will also get a kick from Curtis straddling wild action, even with deadpan comedy and unexpected romance flickering.

When Evelyn observes her life and sees it literally in one dimension as a movie, Waymond reveals that she is an unlikely hero, looking at the virtues of tenderness, patience, and acceptance as a tool. Turn to. She makes the universe the whole again.

That wisdom should come as a moving solution after such a sustained visual and acoustic onslaught, but it requires more involvement with the human character and the human pin. Less as a ball. If you grew up in a video game, you might find the insatiable excess of the movie exhilarating, and notice that almost the entire two-and-a-half-hour barrage is cut like a trailer. May not. Or you may be resentful at the submission and relieved when it’s done.

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