Emberify: How to Crack the Instagram Algorithm for Your Brand?


Instagram is growing rapidly with the tremendous improvement of its features. The platform boosts its user base to more than 1 billion. On a large scale, individuals are creating and sharing content on this application and showcasing their incredible skills. So, to strengthen your brand’s social connections, get familiar with Instagram and its algorithm.

Certainly, you can try to buy instagram views to support the algorithm. The recommendation system works in a specific way and refreshes the user’s feed. Moreover, trickily working with effective strategies will help to ensure the reach and boost organic traffic.

We know that the game has changed, and after analyzing several aspects, we have discussed a few potential strategies to fire up your business.

A Few Factors to Look Over

As a business, you should ensure that the content performs as you want. For that, proceed with the right strategies and look over the following factors to outsmart the Instagram algorithm.

  • User interest
  • User relationship
  • Post relevancy

Best Ways to Work with the Algorithm

Remember that you must curate the list that works for your business when it comes to effective strategies. Yes, it’s the right way to boost your brand’s reach and ensure success.

#1 Create Great Content

The first and most essential thing is to create great content that wins. Then, creating and sharing high-quality and valuable content will get users’ attention. You know that Instagram is mainly famous for its highly visualizing potential. Therefore, it is imperative to prioritize creating a visually captivating profile and content. You can easily create stunning content using the platform’s incredible features. Subsequently, after creating great visuals, try out Emberify to improve engagement and drive more quality leads.

#2 Focus on the Right Content Type

In the quirky world, building relationships with potential customers is essential. There are several content types, and sharing the content your audience is likelier to watch will get a quick viewer response. In order to improve the conversation, you can get clear insights by taking advantage of the analytics feature. At the same time, try to experiment with different types of content. They are:

  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • User-generated content
  • How to guides
  • Hashtag challenges
  • Contests and giveaways, and more

Sharing something that spikes the user’s interest will encourage them to watch the content and improve your reach. At the same time, tagging your friend on the posts will interactively build a strong social network.

#3 Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are undoubtedly the best feature that gets the user’s attention once they click on the app. Even though the algorithm for post feeds and stories differs, focusing on sharing the stories with the most will get quick attention. Whereas taking advantage of Instagram Stories will help to build a loyal audience. So to ensure success, often post story content to an extent and leverage story stickers to increase users’ curiosity towards your brand.

While using the stickers, ensure to use them to ask questions about your brand or take polls. Getting valuable information will improve the strategy effortlessly. You can make your posts more interactive and get more user traction by utilizing pol stickers, question stickers, and emoji stickers.

#4 Focus on Carousel Feature

Do you know what carousel features are? Yes, probably many of them know. But, if you are a new Instagram user and want to know about it, continue reading this. Carousel features on Instagram, let’s allow users to share up to 10 posts at the same time. It is a valuable feature for brands to boost engagement.

If the brand showcases the images from different perspectives, it will inspire users to look over them and boost engagement. At the same time, this works with the Instagram algorithm and benefits you in many ways, like strengthening engagement and expanding organic reach.

#5 Go Live Often

You are engaging your audience in real-time means driving traffic to your website. The Live feature option on Instagram is great for conveying your brand’s story to the audience and a worthy idea to humanize your brand. If you plan to go live, send a notification to your potential audience to make them stay on the line. Live videos impact users spontaneously and build your brand’s trust. So right now, start to go live with the best practices. It will engage as many users on the platform as possible.

#6 Share Videos Often

Video marketing is getting more users’ attention in the modern era, and promoting your brand in the form of videos will bring highly different results in your brand’s reach and sales. So when creating videos, spend more time to make them more captivating to influence someone to scroll through your videos. To favor the algorithm, start to share the videos often at frequent intervals when your users are most active. Sharing the content during peak hours will boost engagement. To know a perfect time, use Instagram analytics and get detailed insights. Moreover, after the deep analysis, share content and use Emberify to be visible in front of a large targeted audience.

#7 Make Use of the Right Hashtags

Taking advantage of hashtags is the perfect strategy to get more users’ attention for your posts. So, plan your hashtag strategy and make your content easily searchable and discoverable. More experts recommended using a mix of hashtags that are product-based, industry-based, generic, event-based, and more. Instagram limits the hashtags to 30. However, keep users from overwhelming users with lots of hashtags, so try to use only potential hashtags up to 5. It brings engagement and builds a strong community of users.

Final Takeaway

So, now you have a clear perspective about how to outsmart the Instagram algorithm. It’s quite interesting to work with the algorithm, but with the proper research, you can improve your marketing efforts. In addition, you can master the techniques and make your content go viral. Keep in mind that even there are diverse strategies that work for you to achieve success.

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