Elon Musk Warns of ‘Population Collapse’ on Earth, Says Mars Needs People

Elon Musk Warns of 'Population Collapse' on Earth, Says Mars Needs People
Elon Musk Warns of 'Population Collapse' on Earth, Says Mars Needs People

Tesla CEO Elon Musk long harbored dreams of colonizing Mars. He had a timeline and a plan of action. Musk recently declared that the problem of population collapse is much bigger than people realize, and that this was not just for Earth. Why did Musk make such bold statements? Musk was responding to a tweet from a Twitter handle called ‘Tesla owners of the East Bay’.

“Mars is in great need of people, considering its current population of zero. The custodians for all other life on Earth, humans are it! Let’s bring life to Mars! Musk continued to write.

The fan club handle had brought up the issue of population collapse and tweeted about how it was upon Earth with fewer children being birthed in the world.

It had written that “Population collapse could soon be upon us” and expressed gratitude to Musk for his efforts in preventing it. Musk, father to seven children, replied that he was trying to be a good example.

Musk is a Twitter whiz who has been known to keep it on its toes with his controversial and bold opinions. Musk said that dinosaurs would still be alive if they had spaceships in May after the asteroid strike.

Although it may seem ironic and absurd, Musk’s true goals aren’t far from Musk’s suggestion of ‘Put this in a spaceship.

Elon Musk mentioned plans to send humans to Mars for some time, and now he has a timeline. In February, he said that it would take five and a quarter years. Musk noted that this is not a difficult deadline. However, there are a few caveats. There will be a lot of technological advancements that must be made over the next five years. He stated that the most important thing was to establish Mars as an independent civilization.

Musk has been criticised for his “send it to Space” approach. A billboard placed near SpaceX’s headquarters in California may show that not all people agree with Musk’s plans to send the planet to space. Activista, a Los Angeles-based creative agency, placed a billboard near SpaceX’s California headquarters that read “Mars Sucks.”

The billboard, which was displayed outside Space X’s campus in advance of Earth Day 2021, expressed disappointment at Musk’s decision to focus on Mars instead of restoring Earth.

How serious is the threat of a population collapse? According to an Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation report, 2020, it holds some ground. According to the report, the global fertility rate is expected to decline between 2050 and 2100s. The Lancet published the study.

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