Eating Habits You Must Follow If High Blood Pressure Runs In Your Family — Eat This Not That


If you know High blood pressure Run with your family, think of yourself as lucky. You will now see a clear warning sign prompting you to take steps such as changing the steps to prevent the onset of high blood pressure yourself. Eating habits..

You see, high blood pressure is often called a “silent killer”.Most people High blood pressure According to the Mayo Clinic, even if a blood pressure test shows that your blood pressure is dangerously high, there are no recognizable symptoms. Therefore, knowing that a parent, uncle, aunt, or other member of the family has hypertension can also indicate that they may have a genetic predisposition to develop high blood pressure.

But don’t just blame the genes.Families tend to share the same diet, exercise, and other lifestyle habits such as smoking and smoking. Drink alcohol.. In short, by examining your diet and family lifestyle, you can find changes that may be needed if you want to avoid the same fate.And because high blood pressure tends to lead to serious chronic illnesses, there is good reason to spend time investigating: Heart diseaseRenal failure, and stroke.

How to change your health trajectory through your diet.

You can’t stop aging or change your genetics, but you can adjust your lifestyle, such as what you eat every day, to reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

Study in CirculationThe American Heart Association journal has determined that lifestyle changes are a powerful tool for avoiding high blood pressure, even in groups of people at high genetic risk.

Researchers analyzed 314 studies previously involving more than 2 million people without cardiovascular disease and scored participants according to lifestyle factors such as obesity index, diet, sedentary behavior, drinking, and smoking. Did.

Comparing people with a healthy lifestyle to those with a poor diet and other negative behavioral factors, researchers have determined that people with healthy habits have a 31% lower risk of high blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease Even when they had a family history of high blood pressure.

Takeaway is that you Even if your family has high blood pressure or heart disease, it can play an important role in changing the course of your health. And you can start with something that you have ultimate control over: improving your diet.

Start reducing your risk of high blood pressure by adopting these important eating habits.Don’t miss out on how to eat healthy According to science, it’s the number one best juice to drink every day..

Fruits and vegetables in a bag

By doing it regularly, it will be automatic salt With your diet. And sodium has a great effect on your blood pressure.

Eating too much salt makes it difficult for your kidneys to get rid of water from your body. Water accumulates and blood pressure rises. The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans It is recommended to eat about 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium per day. This is sufficient if you are only using salt to season your diet. “Most Americans consume well over 2,300 mg, primarily from fast foods, processed foods, canned foods, and frozen foods,” says a registered dietitian. Su-Nui Escobar, RDNWhen Evolving nutritionist..

She states that habitualizing the following four steps can significantly improve heart health.

  • Taste the food before using the salt shaker. Even without the extra salt, you will find the food delicious.
  • Limit the number of fast food meals you eat.
  • Significantly reduces the intake of cooked foods such as processed foods and frozen dinners. Contains sodium..
  • Choose fresh foods over frozen and canned foods. Canned vegetables also contain a lot of sodium as a preservative. Rinse with water before eating.

Steak and french fries

This advice applies to everyone, especially those with a family history of high blood pressure.

“Limit meat consumption during meals to 3 ounces, about the size of a palm. Lean meat When Fried food As a rare treat, we remove fat from all meat fillets, choose low-fat dairy products, and significantly increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, and fiber we consume each day, “says a registered dietitian. Rebecca shilling, RDN, LDNContributor to USA RX..

“Foods high in saturated fat cause a storm of perfect trouble that contributes to heart health, arterial blockage, elevated bad (LDL) cholesterol, and high blood pressure,” Schilling adds.

If you can’t give up lean meat, choose at least a lean cut such as sirloin, round, or very lean ground beef.

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Sausage link

not only Processed meat They say that the heart contains unhealthy sodium and other preservatives, such as saturated fat-rich sausages, bacon, and deli meats. Melissa Mitri, RDRegistered dietitian Wellness barge..

“Get in the habit of limiting your intake of processed meats as much as possible,” she says. Clinical studies have shown that it can have an impact.One study of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Women who consumed more than 5 servings of processed lean meat per week were found to have a 17% higher rate of hypertension than women who ate less than 1 serving per week.

Mediterranean diet

“I have very good ideas about two diets that do a very good job (lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease) in randomized clinical trials,” he says. Anthony Cave, Ph.D. in MedicineWriting Integrated Medicine Doctor and Anesthesiologist Medical secrets revealed blog. “They are Mediterranean diet And that Dash diet.. “

The Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional foods of the countries adjacent to the Mediterranean, Plant-based foods, Vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, herbs, some fish, chicken, dairy products, etc. Olive oil is the main source of fat. It mainly avoids processed foods, sweets and lean meats.

dash An abbreviation for diet to stop high blood pressure, it is a healthy diet plan for the heart specially designed to avoid high blood pressure. DASH’s diet plan incorporates many of the same low-salt foods as the Mediterranean diet, but with daily and weekly nutritional goals.

Both dietary styles are routinely proposed by nutritionists and doctors for patients with high blood pressure, but these diets are not fail-safe treatments because “medicines are by no means all-purpose”, Dr. Kaveh. Says. “You can look up the laundry list of all foods on the DASH and Mediterranean diets, but it’s a waste of time if they don’t resonate with the patient’s cultural values ​​and preferences and it’s not sustainable.” He says. “The ultimate tool is for patients to know themselves and experiment to find healthy foods they enjoy.”

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Broccoli, spinach, green bean ceramic bowl salad

Essential minerals potassium According to it, it relieves tension in the walls of blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. American Heart Association.. It helps your kidneys get rid of sodium from your body through urination. Therefore, it is important to get enough potassium in your diet to prevent high blood pressure.

“The best way to eat enough potassium is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day,” says Escobar. Top sources include beans, lentils, other legumes, bananas, leafy vegetables, broccoli, and nuts.

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Potato chips
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Processed snack food Bags such as potato chips and cookies, and baked goods such as pastries and bagels are very high in sodium, calories, and sometimes saturated fats and sugars, all of which can cause metabolic disorders such as heart disease. .. But another thing these foods do is detrimental to healthy blood pressure. “They are so palatable that they encourage overeating and increase the risk of weight gain,” says Mitri.

And weight gain, especially obesity, is a strong risk factor for high blood pressure. According to Mitri, soda can be added to the list of high-sugar, high-calorie items that play a major role in obesity and subsequent high blood pressure.Replace soda with these The best drink to reduce visceral fat..

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