Easyshop Myshopify Reviews Is This Legit Or Scam?

Easyshop Myshopify Reviews
Easyshop Myshopify Reviews

This article is an honest Easyshop Myshopify Reviews regarding the website that provides various merchandise.

Are you interested in finding more about The Easyshop Myshopify shop? If so you should read this article.

Easyshop Myshopify is India-based online store that offers a wide range of Indian clothing, kids’ clothes, toys for children as well as kitchen and footwear and many other products. The site is well-known for the lowest prices and new items.

The site, however, promises to be focused on customer satisfaction. Its main goal is to increase its huge customer base. We can look at the following Easyshop Myshopify reviews to get more details.

What is Easyshop Myshopify?

Easyshop Myshopify is an eCommerce

Features of Easyshop Myshopify

  • Site’s URL- https://care-easyshop.myshopify.com/
  • Domain verification date- no information obtained
  • Email address: easyshops@gmail.com
  • Website offering a wide range of items like kitchen, household and children’s items, etc.
  • Newsletter-specified
  • Contact number is 1800-125-126.
  • Address of the company: 326. Varniraj Shopping Center, surat 395007
  • Return policy- 30 working days
  • The policy on refunds is not made public.
  • Payment options: VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Paypal, etc
  • Shipping period- 7-10 business days
  • Standard shipping is free.
  • Social media icons – not found

If the above information is insufficient to come to a conclusion, you can read more through the following Easyshop Myshopify Reviews.

Checkpoints that are positive for placing an order through Easyshop Myshopify

  • The website has been SSL secured.
  • The website provides all over India at no cost.
  • It has complete contact information.
  • It is home to a vast array of products.
  • The website offers exclusive products to purchase.

Checkpoints that are negative when placing an order with Easyshop Myshopify

Website that sells a diverse range of categories like kitchenware, household items as well as toys for children bicycles, tools traditional clothing, dry fruits and more. The store is located within India and states that they provide delivery throughout the country.

Furthermore, the site offers its entire inventory where customers can purchase expensive items for ridiculous price. You could purchase a dress that costs 2399 INR for just 499 INR, and the electric bicycle that costs 36999 INR for just 999 INR.

In addition, the site promises to ship orders in less than 7-10 working days across India. But, Is Easyshop Myshopify Legit?

  • It is not available in any platform for social networking.
  • It has received negative feedback from customers.
  • The price on the website is too good to be real.

Is Easyshop Myshopify Legit?

In this section we will reveal the actual motives behind the website. We have also summed the details of Easyshop Myshopify’s store. Easyshop Myshopify store from various sources to help users understand.

Please read the following pointer to determine the legitimacy of the site:

  • Domain age of the website is the domain age for the specific website is not available.
  • Domain name validity of the siteThe domain name validity of the website is not available.
  • Social media connections – There are no social media hyperlinks on this website.
  • Address Originality – The address of the company and pin code is duplicated.
  • Customer reviews- at present there is no customer’s Easyshop Myshopify reviews posted on Myshopify’s official website.
  • Content quality- The site has a limited amount of information and therefore the quality of content is not great.
  • Owner’s details- There is nothing regarding the team or the founders.
  • Site’s policies: the site’s policies are unclear and weak.
  • The products’ prices are not realistic.
  • Alexa rank – the Alexa rank is 6,2763,689.

What is the buyers’ Easyshop Myshopify Reviews?

Unfortunately, we were not obtain any feedback from the customers who have visited the website’s official site. In the end, we can see that the external links are in a blaze with the site’s Reviews.

In the same way, we have received numerous negative feedback from multiple external websites where users have stated the Easyshop Myshopify is a fraudulent store, and some are seeking clarification on the legitimacy of the store.

Therefore, we aren’t able to make any comments on the legitimacy of the site as of now and leave the final decision to our readers. Check here if you know of anyone who has had to forfeit money from any online store through PayPal.


The most important thing to remember from this Easyshop Myshopify reviews is to never buy from unpopular sites without conducting thorough investigation. If you’re nevertheless enticed by the shop’s offerings and wish to purchase a ridiculous deal like clothes, mountain bikes and kitchen equipment and so on. You are advised to conduct research at your end and review all reviews of users.

So, we’ve included all the relevant information on this post to assist our readers. If you’ve been scammed by any online retailer using the use of a credit card and want to know more, take a look here.

Do you have something to say about this website? Have you had any experience with purchasing products from this site? If yes, share your experience below.

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