Does Window Security Film Really Work?


We all dream of that one house with enormous glass windows and doors that lets in the early sun and warms the entire place up. However, glass is the weakest exterior of your house, making this ideal situation quickly turn into a nightmare.

You can’t be a superhero and stop criminals, accidents, or the weather from happening, but you can protect yourself with additional security. Intruders, extreme weather, and shattered glass can all offer serious risks to people and property.

Therefore, window security films can help mitigate these risks by making glass harder to break through and keeping shattered pieces in place.

What Is Window Security Film?

When it comes to protecting the glass in your windows and doors, security film is a great investment. It performs similarly to a laminated glass panel but even better. Unfortunately, the plastic sheet utilized in laminated glass is not as strong as the shear-breaking strength of safety or security films. 

The security film holds the shards of glass together, creating a “tough to penetrate” barrier that is significantly more challenging for intruders to overcome. While the glass itself may shatter on impact, the pieces will remain adhered to the film. As a result, the glass can’t be pried out of the door or window frame.

How Does Window Security Film Works?

Home windows can be protected against broken glass by using security film. This makes it more difficult to break the glass, and if it does break, it won’t splinter into a thousand sharp pieces all over the floor. Because of this, it is particularly well-suited to preventing burglaries, trespassing, and other forms of criminal or natural occurrences. 

Shatter-proof windows

When applied to windows, safety and security films can prevent the glass from breaking, which is one of its most useful features. Therefore, the glass won’t splinter into deadly pieces if a projectile or an intentional impact breaks it. This aids in preventing harm from happening inside the building.

Having windows that are resistant to weather and bullets is crucial in dangerous environments. Shrapnel from broken windows is a major threat to the safety of everyone in or around the structure.

Break-ins involving smash-and-grab techniques also benefit from shatter proofing, as glass shards can be utilized as a makeshift weapon. When intruders break in, they can use broken glass to threaten or hurt anyone.

Protection from the environment 

The wind has the potential to amp up the pressure significantly. Windows can and will be broken by flying objects and although glass is durable, it can be broken by a powerful blow. A layer of security window film provides further protection from the elements. In addition to lowering the window’s susceptibility to breaking, this process also strengthens the glass.

Safety from intruders

Putting security film on your windows and doors makes them far more difficult to break into. Criminals frequently use broken glass to gain entry to homes. Even the most sophisticated locks may be useless when the glass is weak.

With a huge glass entrance and windows facing the living area, intruders can easily peer inside the home. However, security film can help you avoid that.

Anyone looking to break in will be deterred by window film since they cannot see inside your property. Many intruders who commit a smash-and-grab attack are unaware of any previous information regarding your residence and must count on what they can see via a window to make their decision.

Installing a film on your windows will obscure the view inside, making it less likely that someone will break in.

Also, the adhesiveness of window tint films is a great asset in keeping shards of glass together. The intruder will have to exert an extreme level of force to break through this, delaying any additional attempts.

Reduces the effort required to clean up after vandalism

Unfortunately, vandals are on the rise today. Almost every night, graffiti and tags are added, and the paint is tough to remove from the glass. Tags must be scraped off with a razor before any remaining paint can be easily wiped away. However, cleaning is a joy when you have the best window security film installed. Just peeling off the window film will get rid of the tags. Then, you can remove the window film, and the glass beneath will appear as nice as the day you put it there.

Prevent earthquake destruction

Earthquakes are nothing new to people who reside on the West Coast or in places like South Carolina or Eastern Massachusetts. However, earthquakes mostly bring about the most tragic destructions.

Most homes will sustain moderate to severe damage during an earthquake. In addition, since glass is not especially good at bending, it tends to fracture under small earthquakes.

However, most glass doors or windows can break into dangerously large fragments if the pressure is high enough, potentially harming bystanders.

A properly applied coating prevents injuries from bomb blasts and keeps the glass intact during strong earthquakes. 

Window security film installation 

Most people assume that installing security window films is a simple task, but in reality, it requires some expertise to be carried out properly. 

When done skillfully and efficiently, they can look visually appealing. However, their looks and, more crucially, their performance can be drastically altered if the process is mishandled.

If the film isn’t applied properly, it can result in unsightly flaws like air bubbles and folds. This is why you should have an expert install your window security film.

The most frequent method for installing security film on windows is from the inside. This is done on-site and requires careful measuring, cutting, and applying the film made of transparent polyester and unique glue coatings to each pane of glass. 

The Daylight method is the standard for putting security window film. To do this, you must install the film initially but leave a very small space between the window pane and the film. Installation couldn’t be simpler, and its level of security is sufficient for most homes. However, it doesn’t give appropriate security from bombings, shootings, and dangerous intruders.

That’s why the “Anchored” approach, which comprises two sub-methods ( mechanical and wet glaze), is the favorite of most seasoned installers.

The stability of the window film and its anchoring system depends on the stability of the surface to which they are connected. To illustrate, the protection offered by a safety window film applied to tempered glass without an anchoring device is negligible.

 When shattered, tempered glass shatters into tiny fragments. Therefore, if the window film isn’t securely fastened to the frame, the shards of broken glass won’t have anything to hold onto.

Anchoring your window film will likely increase your budget, but the added security it provides is well worth it.

Vancity Window Films

Whether for your house or company, high-quality security window films will keep unwanted guests out. The security film can withstand multiple attempts by intruders to break through your windows because of its durability and security.

Vancity Window Films’ expert team members work on a personal level and provide you with all of the best choices of window security films.The products and services offered by Vancity Window Films are cutting-edge, allowing for maximum productivity, and the company also offers access to top-notch design, printing, and installation. As a result, it can be your one-stop shop for the best window security film.

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