The weather can sometimes become unpredictable and valuable property is often the main casualty of this. If you had important items on display at your company yard or out on the farm, a hail storm would bring unprecedented plunder that will set you back immensely. Hail netting by WeatherSolve is the solution you have been looking for in these unprecedented times. 

Hail netting is a reliable defense mechanism against hail storms and other falling debris, ensuring everything beneath them is protected. It is reliable and comes in multiple colors, sizes, and materials to cater to a wider array of areas that need protection from harsh weather elements. The main concern for many before considering this option is whether hail netting works. Professionals at WeatherSolve have delivered great solutions to clients all over Canada, and the reliability of our installation is proof that hail netting is a good solution to consider. 

What are the benefits of Hail Netting?

Suppose you have never considered hail canopies to protect your property. In that case, you are missing out on a great investment to ensure your property is safe and that you aren’t constantly following weather updates. This peace of mind is among the greatest solutions WeatherSolve brings you, among other benefits of installing hail netting. 

#1. Year-Round Operations

If you run a business that needs you to display property in the yard, hail season could be challenging as you have to choose between carrying on with business or protecting the items. Hail netting ensures you can continue operations year-round by offering reliable protection for all your items on display. This is especially beneficial for people running car yards or farms with delicate crops. WeatherSolve will help you decide on the right hail canopies depending on your needs.  

#2. Temperature control and protection from hailstorms

The reliability of hail canopies goes beyond hailstorms and can be used throughout the year for other seasons. This is especially beneficial during the summer when crops suffer from the harsh heat and yards have scorching surfaces that clients cannot walk on. Hail netting ensures temperature remains within desired levels through UV penetration prevention. It thus ensures your property is safe. 

#3. It keeps your insurance premiums down

You can raise a claim with your insurer if your property suffers damage, and hailstorms greatly contribute to these damages. A downside is that with every claim, your premiums will be revised upwards, thus making it costly for property owners. You can now prevent damage in the first place through hail netting. It ensures you don’t have to raise claims every hail season, ensuring you are well covered and at a lower cost, and WeatherSolve has you sorted. 

#4. Cuts in commercial energy costs

You can now cut down on your energy costs by installing hail canopies with solar panels, as offered by WeatherSoolve. These canopies play an important role when the hail season passes, and you can rely on the energy generated for lighting purposes. It will also keep property safe, and since the hail canopies are easy to install, businesses can perform this process independently. Clean energy also attracts tax incentives, and you can make some savings for your business. 

Types of Hail Netting

There is various hail; netting alternatives depending on where you want to cover, and our professionals at WeatherSolve will help you decide on the right option and size to deliver the perfect solution. These are the types of hail netting options you can choose from;

#1. Raschel Drape Netting

This hail netting type is mainly made from microfilament polythene and tape, and it draws its desirability from its numerous features that make it strong and reliable for multiple seasons, especially for farmers. Its small mesh spaces ensure easier air circulation and lockout UV rays, ensuring crops are well protected and that hail is locked out. 

Its strength is impressive owing to its anti-rip features that ensure it accumulates huge amounts of hail without snapping and that you can easily clean them out. Its materials are also great for the environment since they are recyclable, an important consideration we make here at WeatherSolve. 

#2. Leno Woven Netting

This type of hail netting is the strongest and most reliable, especially for people running car yards and for places that experience bigger hail and stronger winds. The netting is made from tough monofilament high-density polythene. Its reliability also extends to installation as it can be placed in long rows ensuring all cars or property arranged in row form are well protected. 

This hail netting offered by WeatherSolve is transparent and prevents strong heat penetration making it reliable for multiple kinds of weather. You can also form it into hail canopies, making it reliable and ensuring it can fit into any space. Users never have to worry about snapping or uninstalling this hail netting once the hail season is over, further saving on time and installation costs. 

#3. Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Netting

This hail netting relies heavily on its diamond design to improve strength and reliability. It is made from strong anti-rip materials that allow it to withstand heavy hail storms and tough weather year-round. Its lightweight nature makes it a favorite among WeatherSolve clients who want the best hail canopies since they are lightweight and simple to install. 

This reliable hail netting can be used in multiple places, including businesses, farms, and parking lots. You can thus get our installation services that fit well onto your desired place. You can reach out to our professionals for the right guidance on the perfect hail netting option for your needs.


Hail netting is a reliable option that protects property from harsh storms and unpredictable weather. You stand to gain many benefits depending on the hail canopies you want, and our professionals at WeatherSolve will help you decide on the perfect alternative depending on where you want it installed. You can reach out to us for installation services or guidance regarding hail netting, and our great products will be an excellent investment for your home, business, and other properties.  

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