Do you have to clean a house when you sell it?


Selling a house brings in a lot of responsibilities for the seller himself. While most of these responsibilities are taken care of by the estate agents in Maidstone. But there are some of the tasks that need to be performed by the seller himself. There is a list of such tasks and the sellers might want to skip them. But it is seen that these tasks can help sellers increase the value of their property. 

One such activity is professional cleaning of the house or property before selling it. Cleaning here does not mean what you do in your day-to-day life. It involves professional cleaning services. Are you wondering whether or not you need to clean your house professionally? The answer is yes. To know why and its benefits, read further. 

It can help you raise the selling price.

The location and size of the property are the major factors when it comes to increasing the selling price. But, professional cleaning of the houses can also contribute to this. Although, they might not be able to skyrocket the price that much but still you can expect a considerable arise. A dirt house may make the buyer feel that the house needs a lot of maintenance. In such a situation, the buyer either does not buy the property or can ask for maintenance discounts. But a house that is well-maintained and cleaned professionally gives the seller a chance to negotiate better with the buyer.

It makes the space look good.

When you are using the property for some years it is likely to get some flaws. You design and keep your home according to your needs. However, once you put your house for sale you must make it look presentable and appealing to the buyers. This will help you attract buyers to your property. Remember buyers are always interested in well-maintained property. So remember that you can create an impact on your property on your buyers by cleaning it properly.

Professional cleaning reduces your efforts.

If the seller starts doing the cleaning himself then it can be very time-consuming. And also, it is not possible to do it professionally. Hiring a professional cleaning service can be helpful for this. They will complete the task in less time. Also, the buyer would be attracted more towards your property.

Cleaning the property after it enters the market.

You may carry out a thorough cleaning of your homes before you put them for sale. However, there is no set duration for how much time your property will be sold. If in case you are not using that property then you can’t leave it as it is. You should clean the property once in a while so that when buyers visit it they get a good first impression of the property.

Cleaning may or may not be a responsibility.

Though it’s good if the seller cleans the house before handing over the keys to the buyer. But this may or may not be a legal responsibility. This entirely depends on the contract you have with the buyer. If cleaning before leaving or handing over the keys is a necessity for the buyer and he/she has mentioned it in the contract then you are required to do it. However, in some cases, the buyer may ask or state in the contract a small amount that you will have to pay for cleaning. Once you pay the charges the buyer will himself take care of the cleaning. 

Till now you must have understood why it is beneficial to clean your house before you sell it. Don’t forget to take note of the above-discussed things if you are buying or selling a house.

First impression is the last is a familiar statement all of you would have heard of many times. The same is applicable when you sell your property. Cleaning your house before putting it for sale can help you benefit in a lot of ways as discussed above. Do not forget to include this in the activity checklist you prepared for selling your house.

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