Destiny 2’s Story On Hold For Months Ahead Of Witch Queen


Mara Sov from Destiny 2 stands in front of Warlock Osiris on the Dreaming City Tower.

image: Bungee

Destiny 2 I’m currently in a stranger place than usual.That expectation from now on Queen of the witch Expansion Goes through the roof, but the story of the game’s current season hasn’t progressed for months. Nothing highlights the gap between growing hype and current snooze like the latest weekly updates to the game. The construction of a mysterious bridge with the Dreaming City in the background has finally been completed, Lost seasonThe most suspicious question remains unanswered.

On weekends, Reddit user Killomainiac It pointed out What most Destiny players didn’t notice: A bridge was formed between the Queen Mara Sov tower in Dreaming City and the launch pad in the distance.Next, Reddit user TheTeal Mafia Useful time lapse The screening work started in August last year.Players speculated that the last piece was added today with the latest twist. destinyMysterious, ever-growing folklore. The last piece of the bridge arrived, but the twist in the related story remained MIA. “So I think we will burn the bridge when we reach it.” Equipment One player.

Lost season It started with a bang He confirmed that Savasun, the god of mischievous hive, kidnapped Warlock Osiris and impersonated him for almost a year. In the weeks that follow, Destiny 2 The player was treated to a tense and intimate series of interactions between the resurrected antihero Uldrensov and his power-hungry sister Mara.

Then in early October 2021 These stories stop After revealing, the player had been waiting for years, so Uldren had to confront his dark past. It was ok.When Queen of the witch If postponed to the next year, the lost season should be longer than the previous season and last up to 6 months. In addition, the excellent Bungie 30th Anniversary Update arrived in December. Bring new life to live games With new missions, loot, and mysterious horses.

If you look at Destiny 2's Dreaming City, you'll see a bridge in the distance.

Six months later, the bridge was completed, but the story behind it was not completed.
screenshot: Bungee / Kotaku

But it didn’t bring a meaningful addition to Lost’s well-known drama season. That wasn’t the case in January.It’s February now and will only be reset for another week to go forward Queen of the witch When it comes to live, it’s clear that Bungy busts Savasun from the magic bag and waits until the last moment to show the player a fallout from her interference.

It can take the form of a final episode mission that will drop next week, or just a cutscene.Last weekend Beyond the light Bungie, which started in November 2020, is a Traveler (Destiny 2The giant white sphere) has healed for the first time since the game started. So that was the thing.Or there is always a chance for a lost season The final solution will not be displayed until later Queen of the witch to start.

At this point, whatever the outcome, it will be difficult to dampen the excitement of the new expansion. But still, the suspicious pace of the Season of the Lost is certainly destinyThe longest season of is somehow even longer.

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