Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Better Romances In Massive 1.5 Patch


Judy of Cyberpunk 2077 leans on the ripper device before operating it.

screenshot: CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has revealed that there are many long-awaited improvements. Cyberpunk 2077 today With patch 1.5Includes a deeper romance with the fascinating cast of NPCs. The change is Annoying open world SFRPG It’s a full-fledged romance simulation, but I hope the short-lived romance relationship in the game will be a little more fleshy.

among Sea of ​​patch notesOne about buffing love, reads, “We have expanded our romance with Panam, Kelly, River, and Judy by adding new messages and interactions.”You can’t do it yet Officially have sex with Keanu ReevesBut at least, players seem to get more time to annoyed some of the other protagonists in the game via phone tags.

CDPR is Today’s live streamNote that, in addition to long text chains, characters like River and Judy sometimes wake up next to the character when sleeping in the apartment. Cyberpunk 2077The world is a little barren and feels mercenary. It’s unclear if more meaningful “interactions” will be added as part of the latest update.

I have a game Long list of characters You can flirt Go to bed, Whether you’re playing as a man or a woman (and strangely, whether your voice is masculine or feminine), there’s a gate behind it. Many romance can take a long time between check-ins, so if CDPR has more conversations throughout the game so that your crush doesn’t feel like you’re forgetting you. It makes sense.

Today marks a potential major milestone Cyberpunk 2077With the release of patch 1.5 and PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions, the road to redemption will all be over a year. After the first release of the game.. CDPR has released small add-ons in the form of new cosmetics and weapons, but the main expansion of DLC is above all. The witcher 3 received (In some cases Rival or exceeded (What was in the base game) still seems to be hiding in the distant horizon. Cyberpunk 2077of Currently revised post-launch roadmap It’s past the spring of 2022.

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